Fark carlton


Can only be $$ driven


Definitely not staying for chance of playing into September


Fark carlton


Even Fitzroy players showed more heart than Fark Carlton players currently do.


I’d like to see Carlton win one more game. Can’t have it that the only game they win is against us.


Gold Coast thier only chance left



They are St Kilda circa mid 80’s bad.


So Carlisle was given an injection due to rib soreness so he could train and they punctured his lung. The fact he couldn’t train was probably a good reason NOT to give him a pain killing injection but rather allow him time to heal.

The AFL allows far too many pain killing injections to be given, way, way more than we gave our players during the saga.


wrong thread


Never a wrong thread to point out AwFuL hypocrisy.


Fark Carlton, they are not worth talking about anyway!


Does Bolton have to come under some scrutiny now? Alot of fark carlton supporters I know are done with him already. They reckon he has no plan and hes trying to implement something (anything) but doesn’t have the cattle for it. They were supposed to work on the attacking side of their game this season but that doesn’t seem to have happened


Big risk having a coach who never played football at AFL level. Plus Hawthorn made him look better that he actually is. Then factor in Silvagni’s fascination with ex-giants and you get a trainwreck. Fun to watch though.


Fagan (?) Doing ok at Lions. Dont remember Bolton being as good as Fagan was in his second season


"We traded pick 20 and got 5 GWS players, what a move!!! "

How many are still on the list?


He’s been dudded by the recruiters


Just back from watching the game…How did we lose to that rabble???


They’ve still had more success than us in the past 15 years


Really? Their team looks OK on paper, but not on two parallel wood or metal lengths punctuated by multiple rungs.