Fark carlton


Should have sold Murphy, Rebuild number 5 coming up. Fark Carlton


anyone remember if Carlton beat us this year? I feel like I haven’t been reminded in at least 5 minutes


They’ve got form in this regard. Remember how successful Wayne Brittain was for them too?


I don’t agree with that argument.

We may not have won a final but I would prefer to be relatively competitive each year than smashes most years and jagged a finals win.

I doubt anyone on here would prefer there record to ours in the last 15.


Cool your jets, scum lover.


The Lions have won 2 games. Carlton won 7 and 6 in Bolton’s first 2 years.


Ideally they’ll beat Hawks or GWS


Carlton v Stkilda next Friday night.

Great scheduling by the AFL


They’ve had more wooden spoons too. Ours is with an *. Which would you rather.


Odds on to win the wooden spoon this year.

That would make 4 since we last won a final.

They can keep a finals win.


I will be interested to see what their membership numbers are next year. theyre at 54k which cant be real. surely alot of pet memeberships there. But it would be a disaster for them if they fall too far behind the other big Vic clubs.


First time in the clubs history they are 1-14

Holly molly


I’m surprised it hasn’t happened once or twice earlier this decade


No way. Channel 7 should’ve demanded a change weeks ago.


What did Channel 7 do to get that treatment?


Next rights deal 7 will demand scheduling 6 weeks out like in the NRL…


They’d surely be demanding that for next year, not next deal.


They have already signed on the dotted line for this deal…


Only because they have only played Essendon once


I’m sorry but you still can’t go through past the fact that these ■■■■■ have us as the only win for this year. It should NEVER HAVE HAPPENED!!!

Until this is rectified in the form of us beating ■■■■ Carlton by 40 points or more on the next two games I will consider them having the upper hand over us.