Fark carlton


Does anybody else believe the afl need a strong and successful carlton for a healthy and vibrant competition? No? Me neither fark that ■■■■ and fark carlton - long may their misery continue.


Neither, both teams have been sh*te. Since 2004 we’ve won an extra 21 games than them, so nothing amazing. My point is, we all laugh when we’ve barely done much better.


You don’t think in part it may have been a catalyst to get our act together?
I’ll take it any day.


And, and… If we end up missing the final eight by a game or percentage, it means not only didn’t we fark Carlton, but they Farked us!! Which is totally unacceptable.


They will get a priority pick this year. Unless the AFL like a weak Vic team so they can say GC and Bne arn’t going so bad?


Of course we all laugh … they’re farking carlton. Nothing to do with wins and losses.


No way. The best thing for everyone would be for fark carlton to fold.


Only after we have erected a big beautiful wall to keep the consequent refugees out.


Lol, … Fark Carlton.



You dickheads need to get over our loss to Carlton. It’s clearly been a catalyst for our turnaround. We should be thanking them


I remember walking into a pub in 2002 and checking out all the different beers they had on tap.

Was a bit surprised they didn’t have Carlton Draught … until I noticed the tap with a wooden spoon attached to it.


They’ve won a few of those in the last 20 years. 2002, 2005-6, 2015 to be precise; I just checked. Barring the unexpected, they’ll add another one this year. That will bring their total to 5, which as it happens will put them level with us, but ours were all won much earlier, except for 2016.


Only after we have burnt everything relating to them to the ground and dug up Pratt thrown him on the fire too.


Ahhh Wayne Britain what a dud


Him, and his children, and his children’s children!

For three months!



Don’t accept that we “won” the spoon in 2016. It was imposed on us by Gil and the AFL.

No Essendon supporter should mention that spoon without putting an asterisk next to it.


How badly were we travelling that we were beaten by the Fark Carlton turkeys this year?
Beggars belief.


Whoa there, that last bit is going way too far.


Fark Carlton


The Carlton clash strip looks like Big W shorty pyjamas. Fark its awful.