Fark carlton


Oh absolutely. We should be in his ear


Fark Northern had a couple of gems running around today. Young and need time to fill out and develop, but the talent is there.


Not sure they’re on the right track at all. 104 point defeat to finish up, two wins for the year, an unclear game plan and a group that dont look like they know what they’re doing.

Good, ain’t it?


Celebrated st essingtons day yesterday. Will celebrate carltons least amount of wins in a season ever.


Tanking Carlton is now literally like 5 guys complaining about how sh*t they are


Pity adelaide did not win by more
1 per cent gives them draft choice before us damn it


Flower Carlton


Which kids ?
I noticed their 2nds had a much better second half to the year



He’s also fighting with FCFC supporters in the replies


That is absolutely brilliant!!! What a ■■■■. The gif is something else


What about baddest?


Afl.com reports a crowd of 17000 exactly turned up to see FCFC.

They can’t even be creative when publishing dodgy crowd numbers like GWS.

Big four club huh?


Gives it back that’s for sure, not very well mind you. Even that farkstick chris kaias, sleazebucket wannabe lawyer, adds his two cents worth lol.


that twitter is priceless. One thing FC got right was delisting that arrogant flog.


Would have thought that was a desirable characteristic to play for them


I want them to sack Bolton and hire Eades.
Now that — would be hilarious.


We’ve just come out of a 5 year Saga, with suspended coaches, sacked coaches, suspended playing list, 90% of the list turned over, lost multiple draft picks, players asking to be traded, million dollar fines, complete overhaul of the board…

After 5 years, Carlton are still in the same position.


In fact they have gone backwards.