Fark carlton


I’d laugh


It’s one thing to play the kids but if you don’t have direction then it is a waste. He said during PS that they will he more attacking this year but has anyone actually seen that? In the second half of the season they basically just flooded the backline to limit the damage, would rarely try and be aggressive and use the corridor at all.


Their first few games they played attacking footy but they got belted in a number of them so they reverted back to playing defensive footy.

They actually said the players weren’t yet ready to play attacking footy.


I think you have to look at two different things.

Was it right for them to clean out the list, change the coaches, recruit talented kids, basically start again from scratch? Arguably yes.

Is it right for them to put their faith in Bolton to bring on those kids and mould them into a real force? Doesn’t look like it so far.

But long may it continue :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Fark Carlton


I went to the Carlton v Adelaide game last night, mate’s work had Medallion Club tickets available. Firstly they are the worst skilled team I have seen. The amount of times they couldn’t hit a target 30m away by foot under little or no pressure was comical. It was a fairly sparsely populated arena, so you could hear everything. I was talking to my mate about Aaron Francis then some random Blues fan comes up to me from about 3-4 rows away and pays out on me, the fact they beat us, drug cheats, etc. Spent the rest of the night just making smart alec comments, that our 2016 top-up team has more wins and a better percentage than Carlton, “worst side since Fitzroy in their final years”, AFL should move them to Tassie, Jack Silvagni would be delisted if not for the fact his Dad is List Manager and that daylight was 18th and Carlton 19th on the ladder. Had a few Crows around me too so they found it amusing.

The most astounding thing happened towards the end of the game. We were seated on the other side of the ground to the Carlton cheersquad, but they started this chant, everyone up out of their seats. For a minute it sounded like “WE ARE ESSENDON” then I worked out what it was - “WE HATE ESSENDON”!! They aren’t even playing against us yet they’re singing songs about us!!! Then they went through a rendition of their club song despite the margin being in excess of triple figures. Moral of the story?



Apparently Blues had 7 more inside 50’s but still lost by such a huge margin.


Disgusting, stupid club.

Fark Carlton


Should have taken a wooden spoon to wave around. Seriously, I’ve done that to Fark Carlton before.


What a bunch of penises


that’s bizarre

they must have been chanting: We Ain’t Essendon

and aint’t that the truth



Still don’t understand why you would voluntarily go to a Carlton game.

And no free tickets is NOT an excuse


I did it at princes park with a mate back in the day in a corporate box when they played Adelaide from memory. Turned out the boxes beside us where all filled with Essendon supporters too.

The spread was incredible and the frog free flowing.

Thanks big jack you fat nosed crook.

Fark Carlton.


I think I was at the same game with Mrs Wim and her Dad (mhrip).




I feel dirty even watching them on TV but the triple figure losses for them is something I will never get sick of!




True true, I totally concede


TBH they should try to talk BJ into playing for a year to give some no-nonsense on-field direction but I dhink he still hankers for a flag so I doubt he’d go.


And now that I remember it, we all went out for a kick on the ground after the siren. I took my jacket off as you do. Someone kicked the ball over my head and as I turned around to get it a tall bloke in Carlton dress attire ( ie player match day formal wear) looked round, picked the jacket up and started walking off with it. I ran up and asked him politely to give it back and he just threw it on the ground and walked off.

If only I had dodoro with me.

Fark Carlton.


Even with his declining skills, Goddard would be one of the most skilled players in that side for some time. They could give him 5 years comfortably.

He’d also probably straighten out some of the no hoping princesses in that team.

But they publicly turned him down lol. Truth is he wouldn’t deserve that fate.

Fark Carlton.