Fark carlton


Seriously, who the hell walks up to randoms at the footy and starts having a go at them

What an absolute shitstain of a human


Tuned into talkback last night after they were pumped by the crows. The amount of blame on the draft sanctions is laughable from these clowns! The draft penalties were in 2002 FFS! Since then, they’ve had 4 pick 1’s with another to come this year. They’ve given up a first round pick for Brock McLean(!) and sold the farm for Judd (pick 3 & 20 plus Josh Kennedy) since then. They’ve also wasted first round picks on the likes of Kane Lucas & Boekhurst. Their recruiting has been diabolical.

Comparing to the saga penalties which is five years ago now, two first round picks, a second round pick, Ryder, Crameri, Hibberd, Melksham & Carlisle. Further proof that those sanctions would’ve killed a club like FC. Hope they stay anchored to the basement for eternity. FC.


How can they blame the draft sanctions? :rofl: Those players would have come and gone by now. But even if they had those picks I’m sure they would have drafted Tim Walsh and Luke Brennan…


Fascinating Smooth, I love that we are burrowed that far into their brains. This thread is proof it goes both ways, but that is a new level. I assume there was no such chant for Pies, Tigers etc despite their success?

Having said that, I reckon the anti-Essendon stuff has ramped up further at matches this year. I have heard the “We Hate Essendon” chant to the beat of “We Are Essendon” at games against lues, Pies, Tigs and Hawks. Before this year I think only Carton and the Carringbush used it. Against Richmond this year one bloke had actually had a yellow & black “We Hate Essendon” scarf knitted up and was shown on TV.

We have something other teams don’t have. Some kind of powerful resilience that keeps other clubs looking over their shoulders, just to make sure we aren’t about to Walla them into the ground.


They know we are coming and can see what we’re cooking and it shits) them to no end, hence the hatred and jealousy towards Essendon that their cheer aquad needs to create a chant during a match where we’re not even involved in whilst they’re getting slammed by 100+ points.

Fark they are a hilarious bunch of nuffies.

And fancy their club “rewarding” them with upgraded memberships at no extra cost for their loyalty last week and then the team performs like that to say thanks for sticking by us.


Kane Cornes and Billy Brownless gave them a bit of a bake on the footy show today for giving the Carlton players a standing ovation as they left the ground.

Said that 2 wins and a final 104 point belting don’t warrant that. Also said that the players would have felt embarrassed by getting a standing ovation from that.

To me, it just smacked of them trying to copy the Essendon support back in the 2016 banned season. When we gave the boys a standing ovation after the North loss.

Difference is, ours was a makeshift team of kids and “top ups”…there’s is supposed to be their list going forward after years of rebuilding.


I think the pets getting a larger food bowl and better quality feed don’t actually know that their team is so pox.


I had genuinely forgotten Wayne Brittain (Britten?).
Won a final (top 6??) in year one.
Then the salary cap cheating got discovered.
Dead last year two. And no picks.

Thank you.


Essendon 2016 3W 19L 60.99%
C*nton 2018 2W 20L 59.3%


I had genuinely forgotten Wayne Brittain (Britten?).

Parkin, Pagan, Brittain, Ratten, Bolton. It’s not what you know, it’s just your surname that counts at ****ton.


They still beat us, though.


Can’t say I’ve ever been to an Essendon v Hawthorn game and heard our cheersquad sing about the Carlturds. All I will say is they deserve what they have right now. Worst season since 1901, first time in club history they’ve had 20 losses in a season. I hope they select Lukosius and he gets homesick and wants to go back to Adelaide in 2 years. Continue to heap misery on them. FARK CARLTON FOREVERMORE!


They cheated to win their first wooden spoon in 2002. At least they win them honestly these days.


And the playing group was so embarrassed that they started playing good footy after it.

So while we’ve moved on to greener pastures, they’re still stuck in the mud…


I reckon it’s hilarious too.

The only thing they have to hang their hat on is their hatred of us.

We hate them too, I know, but I also know and we all know, no matter how bad a season we had/have, we would NEVER hang our hat on them.




I thought I saw that and was going to rewind but thought, nah he probably didn’t…


We’ve seen that before somewhere…


I’m Givin’ Her All She’s Got, Captain


This picture should guarantee you another term.