Fark carlton


I can’t take the credit. A friend sent it to me and I figured you would all enjoy it.


He’ll be Knighted one day for that.


I strongly disagree that Carltons or Gold Coasts problems will be solved with access to talent young or mature, with or without AFL experience.

Should the AFL allow them to list exAFL player as top ups akin to what we had? sure.

The idea that giving them the ability to pre select mature age state league guys is silly, their team is already full of them. And Tim Kelly would be half the player if he was playing for the Blues.

The only concessions they should get should be off field financial ones. Either raising their soft cap, lowering their mandatory player payments and or handing them some cash to splash on some decent coaches and off field guys.

And if the AFL is intent on compromising the draft then they should at least give every other club the ability to profit off of it via mandatory trading of the pick or mini draft pick


Matthew Knights level bad.

They should just sack Bolton now, next year will be wasted with him as coach.


whose side are you on?
If they can back up this year’s form it’s not wasted at all.




Carlton list management strategy:

  • Push best players out the door for picks.
  • P155 the picks up against the wall.
  • Ask the AFL for more picks.


Blaine deleted his tweet!


Tbf singing songs about your most hated rivals in soccer is common place. Arsenal and 5pur2 fans always do this. It’s a bit of a weird thing to happen in footy though.


Brown paper bags?


Nothing is truly deleted on the internet


The scum’s biggest problem - beyond being a reprehensible bunch of retrogrades - is that the Coach has completely lost the plot. Some of the moves he tried on the weekend were just naive in the extreme. Waaaaay worse than Knights, who at least had a “plan A”. Bolton is running around like a headless chook now and really appears to have no clue how to change things.
Long may it continue!


The coach cops it. He did not make the decision to have the failed Acquire Learning as one of its major sponsos. Nor did he make the decision on the grey strip that the players hate. Look to the Board. Gill ‘s revenge for not taking on his mate Lethlean. St Kilda will fare better in AFL stakes.


It’s the comments in reply that have been lost though…


Even when the other team isn’t there?


How we still manage to lose to them is beyond me…


A rabble on and off the field.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer mob.


If the Grey jumper is holding the players back then they have worse problems than the coach


Anyone get the rest of Chapman’s response?
Odd for him to stick up for Carlton (unless it’s not him).


It’s not him.
Boekhoerst amusingly replied that he wasn’t a real Paul Chapman.