Fark carlton


And I think Blaine ended up calling him a peasant. Called someone else a peasant too. No wonder he deleted it, wasn’t a great ‘look’ for him.


Surely ‘paesano’ would be correct.


Lucky Chapman didn’t tweet Carmel Anthony.


Yep. I can’t speak for all clubs but I Arsenal fans for sure will bust out a range of anti-Spurs songs regardless of who they are playing.


Carlton should go after Barlow, as a DFA.


The AFL system as it is almost discourages clubs from keeping guys like this.
Clubs seem convinced you don’t need much of that on field leadership/experience when you’re rebuilding.
Plenty of the rubbish teams could do with 3 or 4 guys like this. They seem more interested in getting as many youngsters as possible into their squads in the hope that more numbers mean more chance of getting some decent players.

With limits on the football department spend, having a few experienced guys around to essentially help with the coaching/mentoring would be a way of helping the development of young players without going over the football department spend.
Essentially, while you’ve got a crap list, you’re spending some of the salary cap on extra coaching instead of on more dud players.

I’m surprised no clubs have started doing this yet


Fairly sure Brisbane did exactly this with Hodge and West Coast most likely did it with Mitchell.


Carlton suck



We have seen their “brand” and it will keep them on the bottom of the ladder for years to come.

Merge or fold is their choice.


Fark Carlton’s brand


They will never fold. Too many rich supporters for that. And the only form of merger they would ever consider is taking over another club.


He only deleted the original tweet - you can still see his replies if you go to his twitter page and click on “Tweets & Replies”


I don’t have a twitter account… but can you also see the posts of FC fans giving it to him? That’s gotta also be equally as funny…


There is no way they are taking over anyone! 20 years ago that would have been the case but not now. The continued on field failures and complete inability to get things right has impacted on their supporter passion hugely. Most Fark Carlton I know have lost that absolute hungry and passion they used to have. Give it another 10 years and they will be completely disengaged.

As for the rich supporters - not even Pratt’s brown paper bags bought them success.


I wasn’t talking about the near future. But much as I hate to think about it, they will sooner or later get themselves together and become a force again. And a club like St Kilda, which is financially not strong and has relatively few supporters, might become a target.

I’m not saying a takeover will ever happen, let alone soon. Just exploring the possibilities.

The other thing to remember is that the wheel can turn very quickly. I’m rejoicing in this long, dismal cycle of FC ineptitude, but I also know it won’t last forever and may not necessarily last much longer.


The thing is if they continue to be horrible for another 10 years that will mean an entire generation hasn’t seen any sort of success. The longer it goes the harder it will become to re engage their supporter base. I’m sure there are plenty of Fark Carlton supporting parents that haven’t passed on the passion to their kids. Many of whom are probably now ■■■■■■ Hawtheon supporters or something. What I’m really saying is that their constant failures mean they aren’t bringing in new supporters and are having to rely on existing ones that just aren’t are passionate as they once were given how badly things have gone the last 15 years.


They won a final more recently than us. So we have been worse than them for longer.

Plus we had all the AFL-sponsored drug cheat propaganda hurled against EFC.

So if you are not saying that about us you can’t really say it about them.

As soon as they start winning some games, their fans will crawl out of the woodwork.

Want proof? See Richmond.


IMO there are huge differences between Carlton fans and those who support Richmond and Essendon. Our fans are rusted on and are willing to stick through thick and thin. The saga if anything has made as more united - the footy world was against us and we have largely united as a way of showing the every other club to go and get stuffed. Much like success breeds support, adversity also helps to create a connection. It is for this reason that our support has remained strong and resolute despite all the group.

As for Richmond supporters, they always seemed to have an underlying passion combined with an optimism that their chance was coming. Now it has finally come their active support has exploded. Richmond in real numbers isn’t actually a hugely supported club but their supporters are some of the most passionate which makes you think there are more of them.

I am not saying the bounce in active support wont happen at Carlton if they win a flag, but if they continue to be absolutely rubbish for another 10 years they will have had 25 years without giving their supporters anything meaningful to cherish. Add this to the context of where traditionally their supporters have just assumed they would always be good because they bought success when they were in trouble. Now they are having to suffer though some very horrible years and have had no real success this century and no flag since 1995 which to me means the critical mass of passionate supporters is suffering.


Bullshitt. We have won a flag more recently than them, & they have won 5 wooden spoons against our one with the asterix in the 2000’s.

They have been more shitt than us over the last 15 years, it’s a fact.

Fark winning finals, flags are were it’s all at