Fark carlton


Tell me - was that bit intentional?


I’m not Carltist, but they have done well keeping members and I see no problem rewarding membership loyalty with a freebie. May such freebies continue.


Carlton did a survey with their supporters. Published on the AFL website. They asked supporters what the highlight of their season was, one response

Go ■■■■ yourselves, Carlton.


Well it’s not a surprise. Their only other win was against Gold Coast


Right in the coulo.


Given that our win/loss was 2-5 before the game, not sure how losing to FC kicked us out of finals. The loss did kickstart our season though.


Carlton would like an easier draw and 1-2 major trade targets in addition to their priority pick

Ffs are they taking the ■■■■ now?!


Fold and die Carlton


Do they want to play us five times?


They make me sick. What’s their pitch to the AFL? “We’re so ■■■■-weak as a team and so incompetent as a club that we think you should do our job for us and make us successful.”

The next step will be to ask to start the season with some bonus match points, so that they don’t have to win any games in order to make the finals. In fact why not go the whole hog and just ask for the 2019 premiership right now and not bother about actually playing games?

They’re a ■■■■■■■ disgrace. They have no shame.


Dear AFL,

Remember that time you gifted us a place in the finals?



The Ball is the priority picks,Mil Hanna is Fark Carlton,and what happens next is my answer.


They are admitting just how great a rabble they are. No one else have even come close to the depths of their inadequacy.


Fark Carlton. Fark them to hell and when they get there, Fark them again.




What bothers me, if they’re already getting assistance on the priority pick alone. That will help them get McGovern but will also leave them with a number 1 draft pick.

Meaning they now have an advantage over us when dealing with contracted players who may want to move to Melbourne such as Shiel and Setterfield.

The “assistance” to them is now becoming a disadvantage to us.


Their continual requests for getting a leg up doesn’t bother me. It indicates their culture hasn’t changed a bit. They used to buy success, now that it’s not possible, they just expect it to be given to them. Pfft, easier fixture is laughable.


It doesn’t bother me either.


When you are permanently bottom, no fixture is easy for you because everyone is better.


I cannot imagine what they think an easier fixture might look like?

They are already bottom. They have to play everyone once… although I wouldn’t put anything past the AFL. Do they want all home games?