Fark carlton


And no interstate games


A 10 goal head start.


Give them Robinson and Dank to run their training program.


Just let them play in the NEAFL as the actual GWS reserves. They may be somewhat competitive in such an ordinary competition.


I didn’t know you could get ‘kicked out’ of the finals in Round 8… but there you go.


Of course, with a list of former GWS reserves players familiar with the league.


Here is an interesting perspective on how rubbish this mob are. Kade Simpson only needs to play in 15 more losses to break Kevin Murray’s record of having played in 208 losses. Will no doubt be a career defining achievement.

Fark Carlton


That’s a harsh record.

Poor Simmo. He couldn’t have tried much harder.


He made his choice.


I attended Arsenal V Liverpool at the Emerates a few years ago and at the pre game drinks at the Gunners pub they were singing about their hatred for the Spurs.

I hate Carlton with a passion but the Gunners-Spurs rivalry is next level!


The teams they had twice were:
Adelaide (12th)
Collingwood (top 4)
Freo (14th)
GC (17th)
Bulldogs (13th)

Hard to get much easier.


They can play all their games at home if they change their home ground to Metricon Stadium and change their name to the Gold Coast Blues


To be fair, they were the only team that didn’t get to play Fark Carlton.


The Blue-Gold Coasters


Screw him, could have bailed on them plenty of times


They’d have still lost


I think we’re getting away from the point of this thread a little.

Fark Carlton.


The only way he’d know what a win means is to look the word up in the dictionary.


Awesome idea.
I’ve found a jersey for them.



What Fark Carlton’s current state of woe, and looking back at Melbourne and Hawthorn coming close to merging, is that you cannot afford to ease up and just assume you’ll be fine. Our current long drought of a final’s win shows how success can disappear.