Fark carlton


c’mon !! that deserves more than 8 likes…a dress…on a dummy,with no arms !!!
typifies FCFC


Fkn surely this stat is all you need to take to Cripps saying he will own that record next if he stays.
This ■■■■ is awesome, but I do feel a little bad for Simpson. He tries his guts out every week.
Ohhhh well, his own fault for never ever requesting a trade after 193 losses in 300 games. Amazing record.


He’s probably a few mill richer for having stayed though.


Fark, this is funny.
Even if they’re on the right track now, he’d have to play till his 40 to have any chance:




People need to drop the Richmond quick turn around nonsense. They have been building for ten years to get to this point.


To be fair, he didnt necessarily say they were a flag chance:

“It might seem strange to say that when we’re sitting bottom of the ladder, but what the Bulldogs and Richmond did and how even the competition is this year … watching sides like that and how quickly they’ve turned it around, it does give me a lot of hope still.”

I think he just meant that their form could improve drastically.

but it wont happen

Fark Carlton


Any chance we could play Gold Coast twice next year?


They probably would let us if we played them in China


hes either delusional, or just trying to justify staying on another year


Perhaps he should’ve gone with:

“I am earning more than I ever will again in my life, somehow this, and the sportsmen’s nights cashies which will dry up when I retire, spur me on”





I’d be happy if they let us play them down here, have we been allowed to play them in Melbourne since that game?


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That is just the gift that keeps on giving! Thanks for posting!




■■■■ them. They did this to themselves, now they have to get themselves out of it.


Some of the responses are hilarious!


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