Fark carlton


Lol ■■■■ carlton.




Flower Carlton


Did Blaine Boekhurst play state league footy again this year? I’m sure he would be a great pick up with their brand new charity picks.


My boss is a pharque Carlton lover.

I said to him…I see you guys have had 5 wooden spoons since 2002. He said yes…I asked what he did with all those picks…he said we traded them…

H said he was really upset that they didnt get a priority pick…I asked him how entitled are you Carlton supporters… now he wont speak to me


Sounds like a win all round.


I was talking to a Warrnambool panel beater last night…about 75, and knows all the guys from down this way who played VFL/AFL…Charlie Payne, Thorold Merrett, the Lord twins, Ronny Wearmouth etc when I asked him who he supported and why.

His response was amusing (to me)…when he was a little tacker, this mad ■■■■ Carlton ■■■■■■■ gave him and his mate lots of lollies. I said “that’d be right. Bunch of ■■■■■■■ rock-spiders. “ He laughed.



Do you still have a job


I hope we win a flag before FC make finals.


Another GF day without ■■■■ Carlton.
■■■■ Carlton


Remember when Carlton traded Josh Kennedy for Chris Judd?


yes…but its very quiet here now


A FC douche at work reckons he heard something on radio about one of their Irish recruits heading home and not returning.
Anyone catch the full story on radio or just BS?


Kieran Byrne. Apparently for "personal reasons " whatever that means


He went home and played Gaelic for his local village team in a derby…although most intra-county games could be called derbies.

Allegedly with fark Carlton’s permission.


Would be funny if he didn’t come back as FC get nothing for him lol


Pretty sure it was quashed last week that he walked out on the club, he returned to Ireland with Carltons knowledge for Holidays.


Fark Carlton.


My sentiments exactly