Fark carlton


I’m currently in Ho Chi Minh City and I just drove past a guy wearing a Fark Carlton polo shirt. I would have thought that this isn’t even far enough away to be seen wearing such a symbol of a rabble.


Decent weather?
I will be there in a fortnight. 2 days there followed by a few days in Danang and Hanoi before heading back to Hong Kong


He ‘personally’ wants to leave.


It’s his personal belief that FarkCarlton are beyond crapola and he can no longer stand the stench emanating from that diseased corpse of a football club.


It’s beautiful and warm today - about 34 I think. Late showers are forecast. I’m here for just 3 days, meaning Fark Carlton will still be a basket case when I leave.


Just hope we’ve got our sh it together before they do.


Look at his stupid clipboard… :rofl:


Senile old hack comes into club ■■■■■■ over by senile old hack


Lol , … FarkCarlton in full backwards mode.

Hopefully this means he fks off out of all Media,.


“9 times out of 10 this Carlton would beat that Essendon”… we’re gonna go alright vs Fark Carlton in coming years!


Walls was a crap coach in the past and it’s great that he’s going to “help them”. He did get one premiership by buying a bunch of stars from South Australia but was sacked a couple of years later. He coached 3 other clubs badly. I hope FC have many years of Bolton coaching and Walls mentoring him


I played footy against and with Walls when I was at High School. He was a big head snipper even then, and got away with some very ordinary stuff on the field.

Had friend who played at Fitzroy when he was Coach, who said he was a very abusive prikk, and most players hated him.



Never change Carlton, never change. Never seen a club and person deserve each other so much


Looks like he’s ordering $24 smashed avo on rathdowne st.


His commentating is in the Marc Maclure realm of the bleeding obvious; see something say something, contradict yourself 5 minutes later.
Didn’t ever add any observation apart from gems like “you’re right, they’re not going to win if they can’t kick goals and I’ll tell you why, because they simply aren’t playing well enough…”.
Used to make me cringe.


Is that Lance Whitnall?


I think it’s how they see themselves on their best day.


Don’t forget the old “ give him a run in the ruck of 3,4,5 minutes”. That was a staple of his


from AFL site

Carlton backman done

Irish defender Ciaran Byrne is homesick and won’t be coming back to the Blues, according to NAB AFL Trade Radio.

The 23-year-old recently played a game of Gaelic football for his local team St Mochta and reportedly won’t fulfil his contract, which lasts until the end of 2019.

He played 22 games in his career.


and maybe he will or maybe not. Do we care? Its he any good?

Irish Blue ‘tossing up’ a return to the AFL

Riley Beveridge

CARLTON defender Ciaran Byrne has revealed he is still “tossing up” whether he returns to the club this November, or cuts short his AFL career to remain in his native Ireland.

Speculation has circulated that Byrne will not return from his post-season trip home, having made a surprise appearance for his local Gaelic side St Mochta over the past week.

Byrne had asked Carlton for its permission to play in the match, with the Blues giving the running defender their blessing to feature in his first Gaelic game in five years.

Contracted at Ikon Park through until the end of 2019, the talented 23-year-old says he has been in contact with the Blues regarding whether he sees out his deal with the club.

It follows 22 games in five years with Carlton, including seven this season, following an AFL career halted by a series of setbacks relating to knee and hamstring injuries.

“They want me back and they’ve been on the phone to me most days since I’ve come back to Ireland,” Byrne told Irish newspaper The Dundalk Democrat .

"I’m still tossing up whether I’m going to go back full-time.

"There are a lot of rumours going around the place, it’s all over Twitter. I’ve another year left on my contract, but I’m going through a process and weighing up my options over whether AFL is still completely for me.

"I’ve loved my time out there, I’ve been there for five years, but I’ve come home at the right time now. The Mochta’s are flying, there is talk of the new Louth stadium and Louth have to announce a new manager.

“I’m due to go back in early November for pre-season.”