Fark carlton


They can have him



Nailed it.


Let’s not forget he tipped Melbourne to win the GF in 2000. I’d definitely be taking everything he says as gospel.

I truly hope he FARKS CARLTON more than they are already FARKED.

Then they can bring back Wayne Brittain and Pagan.


I’m hoping they bring back Walls.


Abrasive character who’s certain he’s the smartest guy in the room, sulks when things don’t go his way and is prone to random explosions^ leaves football for a decade and then comes back to ‘help.’

What could go wrong?

^ Oh, ha ha ha. Shut up.


That Essendon fan who leant over the fence and spat in his face at Windy Hill one day.

He always used to ■■■■■ about that.

Congrats that long-forgotten Bomber fan.

I remember a time, probably early 70s, when he kicked our CHB, John Williams, in the face, concussing him. The injury reports that each club used to submit after training Tuesdays and Thursdays made sure that everyone knew about him being kicked.

Shocking sniper, R Walls, as Sheeds used to frequently mention.


Williams was one of our few actually good players through the worst part of the 70s. And a very decent bloke as I recall.

Fark Carlton and Fark farking Robert Walls.


And Fark Tuddy for trading him for Jerker Jenkin.


I’d forgotten that. What a disaster that man was. I couldn’t believe it when he was appointed. I remember the club president (I think) being asked what our strategy was for the coming season (something like that) and putting his hand on Tuddenham’s shoulder and saying, “This man.” Even at my then tender age I could not believe what I was hearing.


Tuddy was a relative of ours by marriage…fourth cousin or some such…and no…we didn’t get any free tyres or Coca-Cola.


Well he wouldn’t be coming back part time. Hell of a commute.


He’s Irish remember.


And what about his nasty $2 cheap kids plastic footys.


No…none of them either. I’ve never personally met any of our distant cousins from up Ballarat way (of whom the Frawleys are included, but not boasted about).




And it doesn’t need to be private, in fact the more public the better.


Private jet seething


Your grog squad chant: a variation on the old Matthew Lloyd ditty.

Dylan Shiel said no to Carlton, fa la la la la…



Why would Dylan like a ride in a jet,when he can be one of many in the Hangar?

Fark Carlton right in the coulo.
And in the ear.