Fark carlton


Your well-reasoned argument convinced me.


They better be.

(gunna do a FC here and say my expectation for the coming season is that we beat FC, and every other win will be icing on the cake, therefore am expecting at least 16/17 layers of icing :grinning:)


Talking about icing on a cake. I have a humble boast to share.

'93 was a brilliant year in many ways.

At a party, my best mate’s GF introduced me to her elder sister (an absolute stunner). We hit it off and became a couple. At that time, Ang Christou and Kouta from FC were best mates and often went out on the pull together. Ang was super keen on my GF before we hooked up, but failed miserably to get anywhere. She claimed he was a sleaze bag and obnoxious.

The Baby Bombers won an extraordinary flag. I was at the game and I got the girl. :blush:

How do ya’ like them apples, Fark Carlton? :grin:


Hahaha. The one minor inaccuracy has been corrected.


3 hours is too long without a fark carlton.



Oh no. Fark Carlton has infiltrated the club. We have just appointed their former Media Manager as our Head of Communications. Caveat is she was previously with us from 2010 to 2015.


No Friday night games for Carlton in 2019.

AFL say fark Carlton


I’m disappointed that they aren’t playing curtain raisers for our VFL team.


And so do I.


Evry body in da house say yea eh, … Fk Carkton!, Fk Carlton! :raised_hands:




Seeing Fark Carlton get farked on a Friday was always a great way to start a weekend. Going to miss it.


Hopefully she wasn’t the person behind that god-awful ‘co-captains crashing the Titanic’ picture.

Or if she was, it was a deliberate ‘Fark Carlton’ act before leaving.

Fark Carlton.


AFL.com.au were behind that pic. Fark Carlton copped all the flack for it. Great outcome


Just want to thank scotty for acknowledging what was a farking blitz meme not so long ago.
Honestly, you people…


Wishing Fark Carlton all the best in getting this milestone in 2019.

Veteran Blue set for League’s most unwanted record

Ben Collins

Kade Simpson could take over the record for most losses in AFL history - AFL,Carlton Blues,Kade Simpson

Kade Simpson could take over the record for most losses in AFL history

CARLTON veteran Kade Simpson appears destined to claim perhaps the most unwanted title in football.

Football fate can be cruel sometimes, and the universally admired Blues defender is every chance to become the ‘losingest player’ in League history.

Simpson has played in 194 losses – equal-fifth overall and just 14 behind the record-holder, Fitzroy legend Kevin Murray.

Murray, 80, would gladly surrender this unflattering record after holding it for 45 years, and he will probably be relieved of that burden next year given Simpson’s durability and Carlton’s extended slump.

Unfortunately for both player and club, Simpson has rapidly made ground on Murray in recent times, enduring at least 14 losses in each of the past five seasons.

This year the Blues plunged to one of their worst seasons when they lost 20 games in a season for the first time on their way to another wooden spoon.

Among current players, Melbourne co-captain Nathan Jones has the next-worst record after figuring in 178 losses, just 16 behind Simpson.

The evergreen 34-year-old has played 307 games, just six of which have been finals, for a winning percentage of just 36.3 per cent – the worst among the 85 members of the 300 club.

In stark contrast, in basically the same period, Shaun Burgoyne has played 358 games for Port Adelaide and Hawthorn, including 35 finals for six grand finals and four premierships, at a strike rate of 67.9 per cent.

Burgoyne’s honour roll and stature continues to expand. He is now the oldest current player (Simpson is fifth oldest) and he has played the second-most finals, the most finals without a miss, 13 finals series (equal-fifth) and is the third winningest player ever with 242 victories, behind only Hawthorn’s Michael Tuck (302) and Richmond’s Kevin Bartlett (260).

Timing is also critical. Soon after Carlton selected Simpson with pick No.45 in the 2002 NAB AFL Draft, Blues great Craig Bradley retired after a club-record 375 games, including 24 finals for five grand finals and two premierships, and a strike rate of 58.9 per cent.

The Blues’ barren run hasn’t been for lack of effort on the part of their heart-and-soul servant affectionately known as ‘Simmo’.

The dashing left-footer has been a wonderful performer throughout and remains a prolific small defender, with his courage and hardness for his pencil-thin build being a constant source of inspiration.

His coaches marvel that Simpson ages like a fine wine, so it wouldn’t surprise if he continued into 2020 in a developing team that still desperately needs his skill set, consistency and leadership.

That would mean more losses, but he holds out hope that he will be part of the Blues’ next finals campaign.

This year when Simpson became just the fifth Blue to reach 300 games, he told the AFL Record : “I see the talent first-hand here every day and how hard they work. That’s another sign that we’re going to jump pretty quickly.”




Oh, that’s sad!