Fark carlton


I like kade Simpson.
God that was hard.


You won’t win many friends around here with those sort of comments


I don’t like him but I admire him. He’s been their best player for about the last 5 years, if not longer. And unfortunately he doesn’t seem to be losing anything as he’s got older. I’d love him to get that record, but as with Kevin Murray, he’s got that many losses because he personally has been a centrepiece of that side for such a long time.




At least Kevin Murray has a Brownlow to show for all his hard work with a disadvantaged team. Also, he got this towards the end of his cat=reer, so kudos to him.

And, lest we forget: Fark Carlton…


I find it hilarious they think he will play on into 2020


why? He’s a still a very good player.


He’ll probably win their B&F next year and Bolton will be forced to sack him because he’s not an Elite™ kid.

Realtalk anyone over about 31-32 is a year to year prospect. He could chug along for another 2 years, he could do a calf in pre-season and never play again.


Not necessarily.

There has always been some weird, begrudging respect for Kade Simpson on here.

The guy has played some damn good football against us, and never really been a farkhead about it either.


Nah sorry, he is a Fark wit.
Has had numerous chances to leave those filthy scum suckers and has stayed loyal to them. For that alone he deserves eternal damnation and any losing record that comes with it


Especially given his name’s Kade. The hell is that?


Don’t seem to remember you having a problem when Kade Klemke was strutting about.


You [email protected] the anti-carlton


It means Quay in Dutch, that’s all I got


I like him, he’s a genuinely courageous and good footballer. I like flogging a team that has good opponents in it.




Ah, now I understand why Roos is such a miserable prick


Lukosius and Rozee both toured Farkon Park yesterday. Pick 1 might still be on the table


FFS Fark Carlton. keep your number 1 pick so you dont ruin 2 kids lives instead of 1.


EX-CARLTON star Chris Yarran allegedly took two cars, crashed one, fled and assaulted a police officer during a bizarre incident in Perth, a court has heard.

The 27-year-old was yesterday granted bail during a bedside hearing in Royal Perth Hospital. Police did not oppose bail.

Mr Yarran suffered minor injuries during the incident on Friday night and was expected to be released by today, a lawyer said.

Former Carlton star Chris Yarran. Picture: Wayne Ludbey

Former Carlton star Chris Yarran. Picture: Wayne Ludbey Source:News Corp Australia

Police allege Mr Yarran was given a lift and then forced the driver out of the vehicle.

Soon afterwards, the car was driven through traffic lights at an intersection and crashed into the back of another vehicle, causing both to spin.

The car smashed into the front of another car. No one was seriously hurt.

Police allege Mr Yarran tried to get into other cars belonging to people who stopped at the accident scene to help.

He then allegedly ran away. Later, a man in his 40s was assaulted and his car was taken, police allege.

When police found the car, the driver got out of the vehicle and ran before he was eventually caught.

Chris Yarran in action for Swan Districts’ reserves last year. Picture: Daniel Wilkins

Chris Yarran in action for Swan Districts’ reserves last year. Picture: Daniel Wilkins Source:Supplied

The former footballer was not present for the bedside hearing, because he could not be roused, the court was told.