Fark carlton


Persian rugs?


Geez the word star gets thrown around a lot these days


If you kick goal of year despite going out of bounds you’re a star


The only thing missing from the article is something along the lines of “Ex Essendon opposition player Chris Yarran”


Writing was on the wall.


Poor [email protected] Thought he’d found god and was getting it together.


Geez, … Home made Curry & Rice is good good good!

In other words, .,… WGAF,??

…Fark Carlton.


This fellow seems to have trouble staying out of trouble.


lol wtf??


might’ve been given something to sedate him.


Uncle Dougs


Remember kids: always clean the glass bbq after use.


a steering wheel?


I had a dream about them last night. It was that vivid I remember most aspects. It was like an ad. It had all their guns, running from forward line to the backs.

It went Waite, Kennedy, betts, Jacobs, Gibbs, henderson, touhy…

They’re coming


LOL. great stat


5 number 1 draft picks…

There’s something to be proud of…

Fark Carlton.


What a steaming shitpile of a club.


And if Gibbs hadn’t left, they’d all still be playing together, and they would still be ■■■■.

Hahahahahahahahahaha! Fark Carlton!


You can only feel sorry for Sam Walsh or whoever else they pick tonight. Imagine having to start your career wearing the shitest jumper in the AFL.

Fark Carlton


The jumper design would be the least of my concerns if I was drafted by FCFC.