Fark carlton


I feel very sorry for their first pick.

Fancy having to turn up there every day for work.

Fark Carlton.


If i was drafted by FC id retire.


What’s worse FCFC or FGC?


Retire, unretire next year and go to your prefered team as a rookie avoiding the draft?


At least Shiel had a choice.
And when given that choice.
After all the hoopla and fawning and glitz and glamour thrown at him he said…


Have had 4 #1 picks plus a handful of other top 5 picks and have only won 1 more final than us in the last 15 years I believe.




fark carlton


Us or them. I mean that’s bad for them, but sheesh doesn’t make us look good.


I reckon we would have done ok with 4 #1 picks plus a handful of top 5 picks.

Then again, our drafting was questionable at that time, but that’s for another thread.

5 #1 picks in 14 years and still need AFL assistance


Condolences to the number 1 pick having to go to that ■■■■ of a club.


Dear Number 1 Pick, …

Sincerely, … Bomberblitz.

(See you in 3 years, … :+1:)


F##k Carlton. The number 1 pick says it means a lot to wear the Carlton jumper. What a turd of a club.


Sam Walsh and Patrick Cripps

That will be some mid field duo


That’s bad luck for young S Walsh.


Maybe. Need more than just 2 midfielders though.


Too scared to take their sixth pick 1 next year. Booooooooo.


Another pick 1 for their collection. This pathetic mob treat it like a badge of honour to collect pick 1’s.


lol hope we flog them in the JLT and season proper




Sometimes it’s better to not be the best.