Fark carlton


Will be interesting.

West Coast was bottom 4 according to most at the start of last season…


Not sure where you are getting that from. They won a final in 2017. I most most people with half an idea about footy would have had them in the 8 again. Mitchell, Pridis and Petrie were not key players by the end of 2017 and Nic Nat was returning from a knee.


If I can only hope for one thing. SOS continues in his current role and continues to butcher the list.

Fark Carlton


I am going to go with media hype and say they are putting a good young list together and based on that they will attract experienced and talented free agents as there is a good chance of them challenging in the next few years.

Now that’d suck


So Carlton’s rookie draft was Hugh Goddard (22yo tall, very very broken) and Tom Bugg (25yo back pocket at his 3rd club).

That’ll fix everything.


Thanks Robert Walls


I am comfortable with what’s going on at Carlton. I think they are following an excellent strategy.

…that will keep them mediocre for years.


I was also talking to a mate who plays suburban footy. A few blokes from his club ran into rhys palmer one saturday night, which ran into sunday, sunday night then eventually Monday. This was mid season. Bolton has absolutely zero respect.


I reckon from their point of view Goddard is worth the risk.
But Bugg … not so sure


I know its not fashionable to say, but I like how their list is shaping up. A lot of development and coaching to come but the building blocks are there.

KPD - weitering, marchbank and Plowman

KPF - Curnow, McKay and McGovern

Mids - Cripps, Walsh, SPS, Dow, Docherty, Setterfeild, Kennedy.

It will still take some time and grab a couple more. But if they get it right it looks like a decent side to me.


wait… thats real???


Is Rhys Palmer still playing.
I thought he was dead


I agree. If they have a good run with injuries they’ll improve a lot in 2019. Reasonable chance to get out of the bottom 4 imo.


This is why we can’t have Carlton improving. I hope they keep winning spoons for ever.


You have to laugh at blokes claiming their club has knocked a draft out of the park…on the day of the draft. It takes years to really know.

Fark Carlton


Personally I think it says a bit If you’re stretching to Setterfield and Kennedy as strengths.


They are not getting out of the bottom 3 next year. They’ve just gifted the Crows a top pick so hardly smashed the draft. Crows will not drop back further than they did this year.

Freo won’t go backwards
Lions on the improve also
GC will take the spoon

Between saints and blues for 2 & 3rd last IMO


Agree. I can’t see them with anything higher than pick 4.

Well done crows.


More just they have 6-10 who if they all reach their potential they will be good. Those two do have ? Against their name at this point.


I don’t think it’s out of the question that Freo goes backwards. It also wouldn’t surprise if a club like North Melbourne doesn’t back up their good year this year. They had a very good injury run and still rely on some old blokes.
Even clubs like Geelong, Hawks and Port could fall off a cliff.

You only need a club to get a few injuries early and/or the coach to lose the players and they can plummett unexpectedly.

I hate Carlton as much as the next person, but they’re not as bad as this year suggested imo. They had some big injury problems. They’ve got some promising youngsters and they have improved their team this offseason. It wouldn’t be a surprise at all if they jump to 7 or 8 wins. I hope I’m wrong and they win 2 or less again.