Fark carlton


Edit: In a lot of respects, if they jump to 7 or 8 wins (or better) it might actually be a good thing long term, because they’ll probably keep Bolton for longer, plus I’m sure they’ll get well ahead of themselves and ■■■■ things up from there.


Freo brought in Hogan, Lobb, Conca & Colyer.

Yes they lost Neale but get Blakely back from injury and upwards progression of Brayshaw & Cerra as well in midfield.

I don’t see them going backwards, especially now they have a fwd line.

Even if Blues go from 2 wins to 4-5 they won’t get out of bottom 3 IMO. And they were a rabble in ‘18


That’s true of everyone, though.
Why are their (to date) completely unseen or mediocre kids going to become great, but everyone else’s are not? With almost no help around them?

How they ignored picking up any talls until the rookies - with Liam Jones and Rowe still getting a game every week - is one of life’s great mysteries.

EDIT: what really hurts them is age profile. They’ve got virtually no-one in their prime years.
In the next couple, DT goes, Murphy goes, Rowe and Casboult and kreuzer go.
Whereas at most clubs, the kids will be lining up against guys similar to their own age -
their kids are going to have nothing ahead of them. So they’re not just worrying about playing good footy, they’re going to be expected to basically run and lead the side well before they’re going to be ready. And that group is going to be expected to propel a 2 win side up the ladder. Even if Walsh and Weitering go against every long term trend, and turn out to be actually good, and actual leaders, I just don’t see it working for them.


Says more about Palmer and what type of character he must be.


If the Hawks have a shocker then Clarkson might play the kids again… Not that they have many and unlike Melbourne it won’t be tanking it will be an excellent coaching strategy.


Didn’t Rowe get the Tijuana?




Go for the quinella, Bolton to stay coach until say 2030.


Let’s hope Weitering remains the prototype. They take a number 1 pick and confuse the hell out him, hamper his development and arguably make him bog average. He still has time to turn it around but he was very poor in 2018.


Just to be clear this is the same Weitering that was dropped to the Maggoos how many times this season? Caaarlton is where #1 draft picks go to die.


That’s odd.

He played every game after round 4.

Presumably pushed out by… erm.


Weitering is garbage. He had a decent first season because he just hung off opponents and got a lot of cheapies. Reads the play alright but don’t reckon he has a lot of skills after that TBH.


He intercepted everything in sight in his first season. l reckon he has been largely destroyed by the Blooos lack of development, and had his confidence shredded. He could still make it, the raw talent it there. He would flourish at Essendon.


Langford and Parish were dropped this year.

Young player down on confidence going back to the twos isn’t exactly rare.


Not rare, but in a team that won 2 games for the season, it is indicative of a severe loss of form. The kid can play, no doubt about that.


I completely agree. If we could pick him up on reasonable terms he would slot into our backline and quickly become a lynchpin. And he’s capable of going forward and kicking goals.


well there you go, not even a week in and theyve already farked up his development


It must have been really hard for SOS to have the Number 1 pick and then read out the name of the (generally agreed upon) best player in the draft. What a hero! Inspiring stuff!

P.S : I actually don’t mind Bugg. I think he’s actually a reasonable player that was probably too good not to be on an AFL list but maybe not good enough to be on the list for a number of clubs.



Who did his hair and make up