Fark carlton


Plenty of quality Italian barbers around. Probably a dozen in Lygon St alone.


It took me a while to work out what was wrong with Walls hand. Then it hit me, there is a distinct lack of brown paper bag.


Posting a farkcarlton logon on this site should attract the ban hammer!


I see no problem with posting the logo


I must admit, that is an improvement.


Something was bugging me when I was reading the best/worst case scenarios, and I couldn’t figure out what it was.

I’ve got it now.
Actual worst case:
Adelaide get pick one.
Carlton get pick 14ish (especially if there are pushbacks).
This kid turns out to be rubbish.


That’s a given, isn’t it?


The pick 1 they gave up will be the next Hodge/Franklin.

This Stocker kid will tease them by looking OKish at times, bad at others, for a grand total of 73 games across 6 seasons.

This is known.


Fark I hope this eventuates!


I’m not overly thrilled about Adelaide getting pick 1 either.

Fark Carlton. Fark them to hell.


The Carlton lols continue on their social media page. ill post when i get back from work


That or the Crows just use their top 3 pick and raid GC for one of Lukosius or Rankine after just a year


They seem to have forgotten the most important part of the trade, which is how the players drafted actually turn out


“That there is the most powerful guernsey in the AFL” - Brendan Bolton

Neuvo Classicos

So we can add deluded to the list of Boltons shortcomings eh?


Bolton is right.
That jumper can turn cups into spoons.

Neuvo Classicos



No doubt quite a few who are almost done included in this. Ie. Murphy. Thomas. Kreuzer.

And other GWS rejects as well who weren’t up to it. Pickett, Kennedy & Garlett some off top of my head.

Cats reject Darcy Lang was also pick 16, as was Port’s Matthew Lobbe.

Not as good as what old mayo making it out to be

May they be on the bottom forever


So my other takeaway from this photo is that the GWS Carlton merger must almost be done given Fark Carlton are now training in orange and they both share the same major sponsor.

Also Walls remains a real see you next Tuesday.


Is Walls demonstrating his reach around technique?