Fark carlton


Just seen Alex Fasolo running around Aberfeldie Park wearing a Collingwood singlet. LOL!


Never has a club been given so much and delivered so little


Ha farkn wat


And then we all surrounded the poor bastardo, and punched the living daylights out of him.


Your representing more than yourself, you were once rated highly and now will become a laughing stock of millions of people.
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Im at a new level of hatred for ■■■■ Carlton fans. Majority of the digusting comments re: Hirds accident have been from these knuckle dragging simpletons.

Hope the entire club and its fan base is wiped out by the black death.


Some AFL list managers (and a hell of a lot of footy journos who don’t exclusively focus on drafting) had their formative years from 2001-2005, where blokes like Hodge, Judd, Riewoldt, Cooney, Franklin, Pendlebury, Roughead etc went in the top handful of picks and won brownlows/flags and shaped their clubs for years. They think that the recipe for success is first round picks, and they’re sufficiently stuck in their ways that no amount of contrary evidence (Gold Coast, Carlton, Melbourne…) will change their mind. What they don’t get is context - a lot of the clubs drafting these guys were among the earliest to professionalise their recruiting teams and recognise and exploit the holes in the AFLs original priority picks system. Those easy exploits don’t exist any more, and the advent of the combine and the widespread expansion of club recruiting departments mean that the playing field is a lot more level.

To be successful, you need to find quality players with late picks, and you need to develop the players you have. These are things Fark Carlton haven’t done for a very long time.





ok that’s enough.





The logo is bigger than him as he’s a dwarf

And a delusional dwarf at that!!


Fark Me. He even hesitated when he said it. No conviction at all.

“That there, is… the most powerful guernsey in the AFL”

Imagine a real coach like Buckley giving the same speech, it would actually be convincing.


It’s called pausing for dramatic effect.

*still, fark carlton


That’s not how you do it.


“That there is the most powerful guernsey in the AFL.” Powerful words from the senior coach. [#BoundByBlue]




I’d argue a key part is being able to work out (post draft) who’s one to go on with, and who isn’t.
Which Carlton are spectacularly bad at.

And the early picks actually contribute to ■■■■■■■ them sideways in this regard - how many “but he was pick 5!?!??” potatoes have they kept, over mid and late pick guys who could actually play?

Ie getting rid of Jacobs (rookie pick), keeping Kreuzer (pick 1)
Getting rid of Eddie (PSD Or rookie pick), keeping literally everyone else on their list the year he left.
Taking (cooked) Daisy thomas (pick 2) on big dollars.
Letting Garlett (rookie) go for nothing
Laidler (rookie) played 60 inc I think a grand final for sydney.

For a club that’s struggled to identify AFL level talent, it’s absolutely staggering how many they’ve let go, who’ve been useful or better elsewhere. But it always seems to be the same pattern: keep the guy who was an early pick. Paint by numbers.


But he is correct. It is powerful

In the same way that, say, Ebola is


Even Hugh Goddard
Named in the bests 6 times in 37 games in the VFL.
An injury list that’d make Gumby wince.

But… was a first or second round pick. Sign him up.


In a nice bit of symmetry, the compo pick that Collingwood got for losing Daisy Thomas was pick 11, who they traded to West Coast. West Coast then drafted Dom Sheed, who kicked the winning goal against Collingwood in the Grand Final.

So, Carlton recruit Daisy for way too much money, Collingwood trade their comp pick for him to WC who use it to beat them in a Grand Final.



Thats the feel good story of the year


Didn’t use NLP well at all or, it needed to be said ONLY in a viewing context. Bolton standing pointing at the jumper “that there (pause) is the most powerful guernsey in the AFL.”

In its most powerful context not in an auditory way. So double f*ck Carlton, the jumper should be red and black.