Fark carlton


“That there is the most powerful guernsey in the AFL.
That’s why I need to stand here and explain that to you.
You who actually wear the thing.
Because it is the most powerful.”


While I don’t disagree, all those things you’ve mentioned (combine, greater investment in recruiting… etc etc) have created a situation whereby the vast majority of elite players are taken within the top 20 picks of a draft. You are far less likely to get a Jimmy Hird at 79 in 2018 than you were a decade or two ago. You can find good to very good role players late (ala Guelfi who looks a steal) but the cream of the crop types are almost always taken early on.


If elite players were won flags off their own back, Lockett and Winmar would have a boatload of premiership medals. Judd was the best player in the comp when he moved to Fark Carlton but he couldn’t even drag them off the bottom of the ladder.

Elite players without depth = a sucky side. You don’t NEED too pick cream of the crop types with pick 87 or whatever, you just need to find contributors. Where is FCFC’s Hooker, or Tippa, or Fantapants, blokes taken in late rounds who aren’t winning brownlows any time soon but who can rip you apart on their day and demand the opposition respect them? Or even their Zerrett/Zaka, from mid-20s picks?


If Fantapants can stay injury-free he’s probably the best small forward in the league.

Bit more than a “contributor“.


But nota top 10 pick, which is how FCFC defines contributors. HM’s point is compelling.



When did this happen?

Why did this happen?

When will this stop happening?


Andrew Carazzo (2003) was a decent rookie selection
Eddie Betts was a good PSD selection (2004) but now at Crows
Shaun Grigg ok at 19 (now at Tigers) (2006)
Sam Jacobs (2008) Rookie now at Crows
Mitch Robinson (2008) 40 Now at Brisbane
Zach Tuohy International Rookie (2009) now at Geelong
Jeff Garlett (Rookie (2010))
Billy Gowers (Rookie) (2013) now at Dogs

Basically any player that was selected later than first round and any good, Carlton low balled them due to their inital draft pick selection? or maybe they were sick of playing for a ■■■■ club :slight_smile: and players left

Still looking through their draft history last 15 years is pretty scary, Would have had more Hits if they let Benfti do the picking after the first round :slight_smile:

And the players that were traded for draft picks/players, Carlton have then stuffed up. Thats where its sometimes better paying overs for a quality player, so they cant stuff up the draft pick.


What’s Josh Bootsma up to these days?


To make matters funnier, I saw FCFC have set up their own college where you can get do courses and learn things like talent identification. Rightio then…


Has Walls threatened to beat him? he looks like he’s gonna cry.


Final exam question

When faced with a difficult list management decision what is the best solution:

a) trade your future first round pick even if it means giving up pick 1
b) use a 1st round pick to select a 21 year old 65kg WAFL player who likes to sledge on social media
c) use a National Draft selection to pick your son, despite them having minimal exposed underage form
d) select or trade the house for a player GWS selected 2 years prior
e) all of the above to really Fark up the list

Correct Answer - E

Fark Carlton




If those kids took anything from that speech other than the realisation that Bolton is both a complete ■■■■■■ and completely out of his depth then they deserve to play for Fark Carlton.



Jacobs and Betts are/were at Adelaide.



Anyone who wasn’t a magical top 20 pick is undervalued and has been allowed to leave - often for peanuts. Meanwhile they give picks to GWS how many times for their worst early picks.

There seems to be absolutely no ability or willingness to revise their views on kids, as they progress into AFL careers. Maybe they’re just underfunded in that dept, maybe (I suspect) nobody’s keen to say no to SoS.

history suggests draft position isn’t always that great a predictor. There’s all sorts of variables that change the picture. Eg if a guy misses 2 years, they’re well back into the pack.
But Carlton seem to hold onto “but he was this good as a U18” through for years, way past it’s relevance.

It’s like your VCE score. It means 3/5ths of ■■■■ all once you’re out into the world.

(I’d forgotten about Robinson. Another great example)


8 names from 14 drafts. Wow.


Cups and spoons. What is next?
Caaarlton get forked and then the knives come out for Bolton.


Yeah cause we’re so nice to them