Fark carlton


Cups and spoons
Cups and spoons
Elliot’s flat has one bedroom


Went to my cousins wedding on the week end his brother who is a Carlton fan still calls us drug cheats lols


To be fair they do have plenty of wooden spoons to stir us with.


Well you can remind him that we were given the worst sanctions in afl history and were still better than they are.


I invented ‘Zerrett’ and ‘Jerrett’.

I was gave Marcus ‘Muscles’ Marigliani his nickname.

I started ‘midfieldiest midfielder’

I can make ‘Fantapants’ happen too. You just wait and see.


Isn’t your cousin’s brother your cousin?


I thought that too, but then reread/thought although brothers they must support different teams.


Where do you stand in respect to the Marty Party?



I forgot to add: BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA


I wonder if you have an opinion on whether anyone could stop you now.


No, that’s his brother’s cousin.


Ha. Getting more convoluted by the minute. :wink:



ha - as if Mr Boastful Minion.


They are brothers the one who got married barracks for Collingwood and his brother goes for Carlton.

There is me and one other relative that barracks for Essendon the rest barrack for Pies or Carlton lols



They wanted him bad.

Poor guy.


None of them are “travelling” Will Berry level, are they?


Who the hell is that FAT FARK eating lollies? GOOD GRIEF


Fitness coach.