Fark carlton


GC - Will Brodie’s Dad!

Would have needed to be good at contested ball to get a look in at family dinner!




Is that Lance Whitnall?


I almost thought it was Lance as well. There was another big guy on the other side. Clearly they enjoy getting stuck into the pies while watching junior footy

Fark Carlton


Couldn’t even help himself to some lollies for 5 minutes, you FAT FARK


lol, Sos is on the phone trying to work out the deal and fatty is rustling making a racket digging for lollies


What about Brendan Bolton playing PokemonGo in the background because that’s about all the value he is capable of adding. The guy in the meeting who has no idea what’s going.


They better hope that kid is good and plays some games this year.
If they stuff up and finish last or second last, there will be lots of egg on their faces. They rated him top 6…but how come ten clubs passed on him and didnt rank him in top 18.
You would understand trade more if it was for a player that you would expect to push you further up the ladder, thus have a worse pick next year. Like us getting SMith (although it didnt work out to plan, and similar with Shiel).
I just dont see this kid adding any more value than Dow did this year.

Bolton will probably get the sack at the end of the year, they will make out they are in turmoil.
Blues will get a PP to make up for them trading their pick away, and a new coach will probably do alright in 2020.
And somehow favourite son SOS will keep his job.


Looking forward to Xmas then


You could see from that video where Bolton fit into the food chain. How can you be respected as the Head coach when you are taking orders from half the club.


What I take from that vid is that the whole club runs on lollies.



bolton is such a stooge


To be fair he has the most unenviable job in all of football, head coach of the rabble that is the Blooos. For all that he still looks like a little kid in short pants trying to play with the big kids. To paraphrase Rodney Dangerfield; he gets no respect.


He’s ■■■■ the bed for three years and got an extension. They win 5 games next year, he’ll be acclaimed a genius. Easiest job in footy.


If they win 5 games next year, then he has built a reasonable case.


Yeah. Nah.
5 wins in a year is a club bleeding.
He’s in his 4th year with the squad next year.

I hope he gets another 4. But he’s got absolutely no control of the ship.


l agree, he is out of his depth.


FYI you can get on Carlton for least wins next year at about $6.50

GC are overwhelming favourite, and maybe that’s right, but nowhere near the sort of odds offered.


Would be worth it just for amusement factor

Surely wouldnt happen but you never know.

Blues have gained McGovern, Setterfield & two classy top young mids. And Docherty back.

GC have gained a bunch of hard working lower league talent as well as 2 who will slot straight in with Lukosius and Rankine.

Which group will have a greater impact remains to be seen.

Crows will certainly be barracking for Blues to lose as will all of us.


Gambling is a mug’s game. l will bet on what l consider sure things only.