Fark carlton


Sh/t thing to happen. Yeah fark Carlton and all the rest, but a sh/t thing to happen to a really good player.




That’s awful. Rubbish thing to happen once, to a player, but when you just recovered from one. Awful.


They need Mitch Grigg now, does Mitch Gregg need Carlton?


Goddard would be a good pickup now with Docherty out for a year on the LTI.
Think he would add more from a leadership side of things though, and raising training standards.
Like Shiel to us
Cant see Setterfield or McGovern adding what Goddard could


Wonder how Setterfield is feeling with his knee rehab at FarkCarlton?


Feel sorry for the player but not the club. Fark Carlton.


Sad news for Docherty

I doubt Goddard goes there though. Cant see him getting any enjoyment out of playing for a wooden spoon team!


Gets to yell and point more


He’s got experience


I Guess Nic Newman just slots in to Dochertys position.


I’m a horrible, horrible person and you blokes shouldn’t even talk to me because this news made me a little bit happier today.


That’s not really a great thing to say.

Fark Carlton, but.


Better them than us, that is what you are saying, isn’t it?


Bad news for him and the club. I’m sorry to hear that.
I hope that a similar thing doesn’t happen to us.


Was not by choice… in both cases!


He might of got them a flag had penalties not changed the lie of the land.

Ha ha ■■■■ Carlton


Didn’t FC get a “genius” sports conditioning guy from Hawthorn to run their fitness program this year? If so, one would want to know whether Plowman had been brought back too soon under that guys leadership. Plowman is only 5 months post injury. OK, the Collingwood player came back in about that time, but not all cases are the same.

PS my mistake. This is about Docherty, not Plowman. Docherty is about 12 months post injury.


Geez feel for the guy. 2 ACL’s in a row is bad.


is It possible he’s doing it on purpose.