Fark carlton


l never like to hear of a serious injury to any player. l much prefer to see players and team at full strength. Bad luck for the guy, hope he is able to recover. The second major injury to the same knee, must raise questions about whether or not he will be able to come back and be as good.


Geez, social media can be brutal


Struggle to feel any stmpathy for players other than essendon’s. Anything that contributes to Carlton’s continued failure brings a smirk to the face.


Nice bloke.


I love Carlton being weak but… I loved 93 more when they were up there. I’d like Carlton to come back and play finals and for us to be there playing them. This is what its about. Best period of footy ever. Carlton, Collingwood, Essendon and Richmond competing at the business end. All the rest feels insignificant.


Maybe he should have wrapped it around his knee to get all that powery goodness to work for him.


Thanks :slight_smile:


I cannot wait for them to call Goddard and beg for him to come out of retirement to play for them, with a typical Carlton paper bag inducement.

Over to you, newly minted life member…


All class from Xavier!


Nope. Saw him recently and he said he has signed on for 2019 at Norwood and realises his AFL time is over.


My feeling is more that we will get our share, and it pissses me off when we play clubs with fark-all injuries so we start 4 goals behind. Happy for injuries to mount up at other clubs too. It only levels the playing field.

At a personal level I don’t know any elite footballers at all, so I only care for the ones that wear our colours. The idea that it’s so sad because poor little dicky can’t reach his potential because he got naughty injuries, ignores the fact that 99.9% of people on this planet never have an opportunity to reach their potential; many of whom would be significantly better off if they had the opportunity to play 1 game of elite sport.

There’s a bloke at work who will never reach his potential because he has asthma. No one is crying for him.

That and fark carlton.


Can you condense that tweet that as a reply to Xaviers above?


It’s their one game of the year where they decide to turn up Carlton couldn’t care if they lose the next 10 games as long as they beat Essendon loser club I hope we flog them by 60+


We can only hope the loss this year stings that badly that we come out aiming to absolutely destroy them.

That being said, we’ve been embarrassed by them in other seasons and didn’t come out breathing fire in the next match up. Hopefully things change.


What cheesed me right off is i knew all week that we will lose to them was like a bad dream that became real.


Me too. I actually refused to go to the game because I knew we’d lose. Picked a movie session that started the same time. Turned my phone on at the end to see the result.

Just terrible.


Cheese dreams


Probably should have done the same lol

Was such an embrassing feeling as i was walking the down the stairs from the top level knowing that we just lost to those losers.


The moon is made out cheese.


The drummer from def Lepard only has one arm