Fark carlton


The last time we gave Carlton a good flogging was in 2009 when Lovett deystroyed them was also the same day when Michael Jackson died.


So many things I want to run with on that would get me and my children, and my children’s children and their children’s children banned.
For one week.


It’s ok McGovern will play loose man in defence and rack up 40+ when we just bomb it in long to him all day


I would have thought beating them by 81 points in Round 3 2014 counted as a flogging. Marc Murphy still has nightmares from that Sunday night, while Jackson Merrett continues to show the game everytime someone visits his house.


I wonder if he’d like to hook up…


To me, that is the very first thing that’s to be fixed…forwards to make good position, mids to drop their eyes and honour leads.

I’m sick and tired of seeing the ball bombed into a wall.


I lost my ■■■■ big time that game against Fark Carlton. Docherty didn’t have an opponent within 100m of him all day and yet we constantly picked him out


What was our coaching box thinking that day? any decent coach would have manned Docherty up and told our players to lower their eyes when they go forward


I heard he did.

Also got a Parrot to go with for the lols I’m told.


Any chance of adding some punctuation to this? I’m confused about who you are barracking for


I knew that too.

I took the $3.60

It still hurt but I got coin.


I legitimately said “oh no” out loud at work upon reading the news. You hate to see that and I genuinely feel terrible for the guy. He is at risk of being a Johnson or Menzel at this rate.


Fixed that for you


Underrated Post



Epic flog


Can’t disagree


Did you see how quick he was to jump up and run down to hand over the jumper when they got pick 19… Why would you bother to run down to hand over an insunificant jumper to a bloke who was the first pick in round 2 in any unmanipluated competition which has 18 teams…


You can’t have a crack at a player for staying loyal and then blaming the injury on being loyal.

Not cool


I can to that steaming pile of horseshit club. Anyone who stays loyal to them is scum aswell