Fark carlton


You really can be a dead set flog sometimes.


Play golf BJ


Or they could, I dunno, maybe cover him the same way they did last season?



Mullet and O’Shea were not the answer

They’ve picked up Newman & Bugg as the article says so have other options


For preference.


Worked well


When it comes to that mob most definitely.
Fark them and all their supporters. May they forever be bottom and hopefully fold


i went, watched us play like garbage all day. Then vented on Blitz and got banned. A truly sucky day.

What movie did you watch?


nek minnit


Not wrong about Dustys hair tho.

What a ■■■■ haircut


It is an intensely ridiculous lid.




Christ Carlton please make that happen.


Sam Walsh, eh?
Put Stringer on him.
Or Tippa.

We’ll put no-one on him and he’ll pick up 30 possies and we’ll have to hear how awesome he was against us for ■■■■■■■ ever, right?


“even No.1 draft pick Sam Walsh can hold down Docherty’s halfback position next season.”

More famous player development coming from the scum. Get yourself a gun mid to build a team around, stick him on the half back to be destroyed by players like Raz and Rioli. The kid will be ruined within 2 seasons and begging to get out of there.

Good times.


Dyson Heppell did alright off the HBF

I reckon chucking him straight into Carltons midfield would be worse for his development


Hep came to us as a HBF and developed into a mid.

And hey! Don’t take away my gleeful mocking of that awful club, it’s whats keeping me going for the day!


Hep ended up a Mid by the end of his TAC cup year if remember correctly

But yes, FarkCarlton to infinity and beyond


Like we did with McGrath :wink:


I’m pretty confident that’s wrong.
Pretty sure Hep was the one that triggered @Humble_Minion to say midfieldiest midfielder that ever midfielded