Fark carlton


Does that mean the mature players all said no?





The whole ‘Heppell is a halfback’ thing was driven by loudmouth internet and footy media bozos who thought they understood the draft after watching a couple of champs games where Hep played halfback after coming off an injury.

Midfieldiest midfielder. That. Ever. Midfielded.


Edited for extra clarification.


I believe you’re thinking of Fantapants.


I’m pretty sure you all meant to say fark Carlton.


Wonder if we will hear the FCFC supporters chanting “we hate Essendon” at another non-Essendon game where they lose by 100+ points…


Half back is no longer a position where you can hide a slow or half fit player even a very good one. Every team ( even Geelong) now wants to play the “forward half game”. Forwards are making half backs lives a misery, by coming back at them with aggressive second and third efforts to try and lock the ball in. Just ask BJ.


I asked him and he said “get the fark away from me, stop following me, and don’t talk in my farking back-swing”.


Did you ask him why he hates pretzels?



That’s one of the most well worn worth paths for young midfielders to take, including many Essendon champions


Again, I reiterate…




I am still trying to find the hidden message.


If you play it backwards you can clearly hear “Worship the dark lord and Fark Carlton”


It’s not hidden. He commented on the player. He didn’t mention those pig fe!chers once


Found the hidden message.


l played it backwards and l got Lennon saying, ‘l bury Paul.’


P.S. Fark Carlton.