Fark carlton


l reckon we could find list spots and possies for both.


Knees are dumb luck more than anything.

(With one or two provisos - some people have worse knees than others genetically, and if it’s gone once, you’re more likely to do it again)

Soft tissue stuff, and stress fractures/hotspots are more likely a symptom of management.


No chance FCFC ever lets him leave. they’d offer him $2.5mil before they let him go, and if he did, would be asking for 2 first rounders, Zach Merrett, Ricky Dyson and Kevin Sheedy as head coach


l wasn’t seriously suggesting that we try to pick him up. More like a fantasy football scenario.


lol, yeah i know. its just fun mentioning Ricky Dyson


I make it 5
Brisbane, GC, C*nton, St K, North.


Arguable, of course.
Based on talent, need, calibre, age, potential, leadership among a few others, I have him not at #1 (or equal to) in a handful of teams. In my opinion, and given the criteria above, off the top, I would rank these players equal or higher: (italics is =)

Bontempelli, MaCrae
Kelly, T. Green
B. Brown
Daniher, Francis, Fantasia

To me, that makes it roughly 6 teams that would not have him as at least equal #1.

But as I said - arguable.
I’ve spent far too much time on this.


Yeah. We’re not gunna agree. he handballs off too much to be anywhere near the superstar he’s billed as.

I know some people will say he’s a clearance player blah blah blah, but fact is there’s a dozen gun clearance players. Wines, Mitchell, Shuey, Sloane and on and on.

If you compare him to Jobe, the moment he went from very good player to superstar was when he started taking the responsibility and kicking the thing, and pushing forward. (Right around when Hird started.)
At present Cripps doesn’t do that. He gets it - better than anyone - but then almost invariably just shovels it off. He’s just barely in the top 10 metres gained per game for Carlton, quite comfortably the worst side in the league, and quite comfortably the worst metrage side in the league.

His score involvements and metrage gained are basically on par with Darcy Parish - who we’re all panning for having a poor year. Yet Cripps had the ball half as much again as Parish.

The superstars are superstars because they get it and they punish you when they get it.
Cripps doesn’t.
I have C Oliver in the same boat atm. Couldn’t care less if someone has 30 handballs in a game.


As for Cripps over Franklin. That’s laughable. Franklin would be number 1 player picked in anyone’s side in schoolyard rules.

Francis - Aaron Francis? Wtf?


You may have missed a few criteria I mentioned.


Cripps is a beast and i’m with you. I actually think he’ll win a Brownlow one day.

Now, at the risk of having to spend my whole summer in doors or looking over my shoulder, do you really rate Francis higher? I rate him. But if i’m understanding the format of your post, you have him in the top 10 in the league? I could be totally reading it wrong.

Edit: could win a Brownlow


I saw them.
I think they’re a bunch of things that aren’t “who’s the best footballer”. Which is fine, but it’s not the question asked.


No, I don’t rate him higher, in that sense.
I had him as on par.
In my criteria, I am imagining having everyone to pick a team from, already having an average team in hand. The players I listed, would be the players I would grab first. Based on longevity, calibre, scarcity, current game play requirement and a few other things. Would I grab Franklin? No. He is one of the very best players I’ve ever had the fortune to watch play this game. But no, I wouldn’t take him, even over Francis.
This is all based on a total ‘value’ I see in a player at this stage.

I’m sure Hap will tell me that my opinion is incorrect though :wink:


We have different opinions of what the word “is” means.


Yep got it. I’d have him up there too. Can’t wait to see how his next couple of years pan out.


hahahahaha…may as well argue in Latin, at this stage then :slight_smile:


You’re arguing over who’s potentially the most worth as a recruit, I’m talking about who is the best player right now (because that was the original thread of discussion).

It’s two different questions, of course the answers will be different.


Well, Aceman said this:

I suppose that can be read a few ways, and of course, we read it differently to each other.
If we froze time and took a poll right now to see who is the best (so grey) player - Cripps would not be in the top 10 - maybe not even top 20. But that’s not how I read the premise.


Isn’t that Jarrod Garlett, not Pickett??


I got it from the AFL site, now updated and not there, they got their Garletts and Picketts mixed up.