Fark carlton


Thats…um…quite awkward.


It’s Nathan Lovett.


bad optics…




I think we’re losing sight of what’s really important here.

■■■■ Carlton


Sounds like Carlton’s got a medical problem


Shame he has to carry FC on his back…



Surely there’s a curse at FC. In spite of variously being described as a fitness guru and elite operator, Hawthorn have been unable to get Birchall back on the park, basically at Gumby-Pears levels of injury - rehab disaster.
clearly Russell is not guaranteed to be the answer to the bad Karma that surrounds FC.

Blues land Hawks’ fitness and conditioning guru

By Jake Niall

7 October 2018 — 12:59pm


I would have Sidebottom as at least equal with Cripps.
Cotchin too.
Dangerfield, Selwood

I means it’s all relative, but there are alot of other good players out there equal or better than him (for now)


Sidebottom equal with Cripps? He was pretty much one of the last guys tagged in a gf side while Cripps had half the opposition hanging off him playing with a barrel of monkeys.
Ordinary ones at that.


We don’t tag any of those blokes… so none of them are as good as our blokes that get tagged every week.

Am I doing it right?


Ones not worth tagging and the other is.
Did I do it right.


Yeah, but we’ve been through the ‘best’ ‘worth’ value’ discussion, haven’t we?


Didn’t someone curse them years ago because of John Elliot’s racist comments. Really hope so and I hope it’s never lifted. Fark Carlton forever.


If sidebottom has 35, the Pies invariably win.

If Cripps has 35 the Blues probably still lose anyway.

And WCE ran Hutchings as a hard tag on Sidebottom in this year’s GF. They ignored Pendlebury.

Which means Cripps is better. Or something.


That was Collingwood - before Eddy


I think that works.

What’s a hutchings
Sounds like an initiation for private school oiks


Pendles spends so much effort these days using his basketball background and his Jedi mastery to make time stand still so he can run around opponents, he forgets to do anything particularly damaging eg. win contested ball, take contested marks or kick goals.

He is still a good player, albeit past his peak now.


Pretty harsh on Pendlebury.

Would be up there with some of the best from the last 20 years. Super consistent, and a norm smith medalist.

Still playing good footy too.