Fark carlton


Sidebottom’s got a few decent mates alongside him though. Gary Ablett couldn’t make Gold Coast a finalist off his own back, so why would Cripps have higher expectations on him?


Elliott got cursed too, and it was international news- https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=3007043


Cripps is very good, no doubt about that but he is made to look better than he is because he is surrounded by some utter trash and long may he continue to be.


Some serious blinkers on in here

Cripps is a gun. And his TOG is huge for an inside mid whose got players hanging off him all day.

He’s the best clearance player in game IIRC

Winning it at contest is required to get it out to the Sidebottom type players (he has Pendles/Adams & now Beams doing so)


They’re not higher.

But GC weren’t ever as bad as Carlton were this year - even in their first year.


It’s usually opposite.


I’m not convinced at all here. Yes Cripps is a good player, but as HAP has already stated a few times in this thread, he doesn’t hurt you.

Sidebottom is still a far better player imo.
Sidebottom is a very good clearance player as well. Yes he doesn’t win as many as Cripps, but I’d be curious how many he wins versus how many stoppages he attends, because even though he averages only a bit more than half the clearances that Cripps does, it wouldn’t surprise if he also only attends half the stoppages.

Merrett was taken in the same draft as Cripps. You couldn’t pay me to swap Merrett for Cripps. I reckon Merrett is a far more rounded and damaging player than Cripps is.


Would you have said Jobe Watson or Josh Kennedy had hurt factor?

The link men invariably do so with the footy in space able to deliver it cleanly but they are getting they wouldn’t be getting the footy anywhere near as much without someone dishing it out.


They had more than Cripps has shown so far. They both kicked more goals for starters. Both averaged over half a goal a game. Jobe was close to a goal a game from 2011-2013 when he was in his peak.
Jobe also kicked it a lot more in that period than Cripps does, as @Henry_s_Angry_Pills has already pointed out.

Look, Cripps is a very good player. He’s not the messiah for Carlton though and I don’t care that we don’t have him. We have other players that I’d much rather have who I think are better than him


For the majority of his career and he’s what 22? they have barely got the ball fwd.

Their ball movement is garbage. Probably a little harsh to be judging him on goal kicking percentages just yet.


Isn’t Cripps 15 or something


If I could pick any players out of the league Cripps would be one of the first I would choose.


Yes. They did.


Sure, as I said. Good player, has been a great player. However, he is 25th in the AFL for average clearances , only 0,2 clearances ahead of David Myers, and we all know half of Blitz want Myers delisted.

Pendles peaked in 2011. He is 6 years past his peak, but peaked at a very high level. Very soon he will lose situational awareness, slow down and will start being caught and tackled to the ground on a regular basis word will get around and clubs will target him, like BJ was last year.


I’ll have to remember that. People are not getting old. They are losing situational awareness.


He nearly did, then he got injured…


Mitch McGovern with a “small displaced fracture” of the back. The FC curse continues.


I don’t know if i can continue to hear of these injuries

Without thinking “you ■■■■■ are copping your right whack”


I’m somewhat bewildered that a ‘displaced fracture of the back’ can ever be called ‘small’



Not that Mitch McGovern is that great, and Carlton supporters honestly think they have Jeremy McGovern.

But they are f*cked. They have to be favourites for the spoon again.