Fark carlton


Non-displaced I believe which is a huge difference and only a minor setback. Will miss a couple of weeks of training tops I’d imagine


That was my last game of footy.
When a bloke gave me a bad shoulder strain with a hip and shoulder that I would have stepped back from and waved bye to just six months earlier.


Big call.

Still polled 15 Brownlow votes and came 3rd in the b&f in a grand final year.


This is the getting towards our 2016 for them. I had been thinking how curse-like it was before McGovern.


They will be lucky to win 3 games for the year and boy does that make me smile, of course one of those wins will be against us


I just want them to win another spoon and have to hand over pick 1 to Adelaide.

The meltdown from their idiotic and moronic supporter base will be glorious!


So KM you reckon Pendles has touched the cocoon and he won’t get any worse and will never ever retire?

Basically after a player hits about 28 he’s not going to improve and it’s just a matter of time. Pendles is 31 next year.

As for Cripps, Carlton people are scared he will be broken before they ever get into contention. Pendles is elusive and is not a “bull” and has lasted well as a clearance mid, and not attracted attention the way Cripps does.


ha…finally something that we really do agree on


That might’ve been me, apologies if so, wasn’t intentional I just wasn’t watching where I was going.


This is what people said about Mitchell though. And he won a Brownlow. I like Merrett more too but they’re totally different players.


Reminds me of a decent sledge our coach gave us at half time.
‘We have two sorts of players on this team. Those who know they can’t play footy and put in, and those who think they can and don’t.’


Sounds like the state service


Googled that and only came up with the SES.
Is that what you meant?


I’d pick Martin - just to avoid being stabbed with a chopstick. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This could go down as one of the all time worst trade/drafting decisions. Shouls things play out like this, l would expect the dill that came up with the idea to be given the boot, quick smart. However, if it is SOS l want him to stay on in charge for another decade.


Excuse me while I go and unload the betting account on them for the spoon.


Feel sorry for the individual players copping the injuries, not Fark Carlton.


Utter nuffy.


Why are so many people spending so much time posting about this crap club? Surely there must be better things to talk about.


Ohhhhh, I can think of few things more worth talking about than the curse of fark Carlton.


l am sure this curse is all part of Big Jack’s enduring legacy. Get Jack back.