Fark carlton


Merry fark Carlton everyone, and a fark Carlton new year.




I think Lance meant Tom not Fark Sam


Yeah sorry, Tom. I should have been more specific. At this stage i had forgotten Sam even existed.


Kennedy has certainly hurt us many times over his career.

From the rear.

Without lube.


And never writes.

Or calls.


No shower, either, and leaves an awful mess on the backs of our coats.

  1. ■■■■ CARLTON


Quality NYE commitment Scotty.
First for the year.


They know it’s 2019.


Wouldn’t be too sure.
There’s a lot at FarkCarlton that still think it’s the 1970’s.
Their forward thinkers are living in 1999.


Maybe 99 being the exception


Watch the AFL hand them pick 2 to yet again reward Carlton stupidity.


Stupid does what stupid is.


It burns Carlton fans knowing that our club has come through the other side still better than them what’s even more funny is we didn’t need a gazillion rd 1 picks to build our list.


$50 says they have a 1999 reunion


don’t recon.
they’ll still be dining out on the fact we are officially recorded as drug cheats by the world governing body for sports drug administration for years to come.


Meh let them.

I’ll never forget when they tried to bust Essendon by sending spies to the clinic we were using, then claming they have the evidence on tape and couldn’t provided it to Asada when they asked for it lols.

They like every one else wanted to know what gear Essendon was on for themselfs.



Better question is who gave them the tipoff.

Now, who do we know has ties to FCFC and would have been high enough in the AFL to be informed as to the potentially shady goings on at the EFC?

Any suggestions? Anyone?