Fark carlton


Sir Tinfoil of Loonyland


“I still think Bolton is probably a good coach” - Blitz, probably


Bugg gawn, Crows doing a merry jig


Didn’t they announce this new sponsor the other day?rentokil

Obviously works well on Buggs.


The guy would rather throw away his second chance at AFL than play for that rabble.

Brings me to tears of joy…FarkCarlton.


They told him he’d get a game




If they can manage to win 3 games then that’s a successful year for them. Personally I think they might win one… if they’re lucky




At least they are consistent.


Is that one against us?


If they do only manage one win you can almost guarantee it’ll be against us


SOS trades a potential pick 1 for next year…nek minnit all their decent players get injured and one retires without playing a game. Classic.


I’m just stunned it took 72 days for him to retire after turning up at Fark Carlton. What took him so long?


Will be the most monumental draft disaster since Josh Bootsma.


Happy to lose to that POS if we win the premiership. Probably can replace the 99 PF as their greatest achievement of the last 20 years.


Where does Boekhorst rank compared to Bootsma??


This thread is about to set a record for most number of posts - twelve so far - without someone wishing a “Fark Carlton”.

So, I better do the right thing: Fark Carlton!


I took the like back, you lied, its only 4 posts.



Rosso used the adjectival noun. Wanderlust was the last to direct the verb at FCFC.