Fark carlton




The five people on Talking Carlton over the summer are excited at their potential list top-ups, whoever they’ll be, and think Bugg retiring is a plus.
It’s still full steam ahead for those lucky few.
They have a great young list that’ll beat us (which is very important to them), and the recovery starts this season.
SOS has done an outstanding job, and the only way they can fail is if Bolton is no good.




Ummmm … have you looked around here.
It’s almost suicide country here if we don’t beat them


I think it would be lovely if we managed to beat the bottom two teams for the first time in ever.
Fark Carlton is Fark Carlton, and we should always want to beat Fark Carlton, but it’s also a little bit about not getting rolled by unbelievably crap teams that we are objectively better than.


Sos’s options for finding a top player is very limited this year:

GWS Giants Who has left: Ryan Griffen (retired), Will Setterfield (traded to Carlton), Tom Scully (Hawthorn), Rory Lobb (Fremantle), Dylan Shiel (Essendon), Tim Mohr (delisted), Lachie Tiziani (delisted)

With Hawthorn picking up Mohr, Fark Carlton are really down to convincing Ryan Griffen he should make a comeback, otherwise it’s Welcome to Fark Carlton for Lachie Tiziani.


It’s almost like $hit clubs talk about the same stuff


Thanks, Jake.


And so far the evidence is that he’s fu.cking hopeless.

He’s been there for three years, during which he has led them steadily down the ladder to the very bottom, and the “team” has won fewer games each year.

I have two worries about FC this year. One is that, as we have done so often, we will find a way to lose against them no matter how pathetic they are. The other is that at some point during this year the penny will finally drop in the minds of the cretins who control that “club”, and they’ll sack Bolton and appoint someone good. That may not make them into a good team, but it would make them a competitive one. They have a lot of duds on their list, but they also have a lot of players who are potentially top-class.


I know everyone loves Carlton winning the spoon. But them winning 6 or 7 games this year could have some long lasting benefits:

(1) It avoids the scenario you’ve described above
(2) They’ll probably have 2 or 3 wins before they play us and won’t be treating our game like a grand final.
(3) Most importantly, they’ll think SOS’s “list strategy” is working and they’ll let him keep going the same way.


Believe Tiziani has signed with an O&M side!!


I heard on the news today that Robert Walls was almost struck by lightning and then almost lost his house in the resulting bushfire… I have no further comment.


Did you know that lightning can and often does strike in the same place twice?


I’d rather it struck a little closer to a certain wall tbh


You would think the massive phallus coming out of Walls’ head would make him more susceptible to a lightening strike hitting the target.


■■■■ these pelicans. ■■■■ Carlton


Alas, a vacuum is non-conductive.


A Fred Nile type of religious fundamentalist would see this as a sign of God’s displeasure with FarkCarlton.
They seem to have a plague of injuries as well.
Awaiting the swarm of locusts to arrive at Princes Park.


Going to Fark Carlton oval in 2 weeks.

Should take a dump in one of their stands, at least it will help them get another loan from the bank, improve the value of that shithole


Taking a dump there would certainly add some character to what already is a shithole.