Fark carlton


Doing a bit of research on this. They were slow coming to the wooden spoon party, but once they got there they made up for lost time.


I completely agree with you, but they are historically bad and will get a pick.
I would expect at the end of the first round.
I’d be cross if it was any more than that for the reasons you’ve stated.


Because he’s a grinning idiot.

Never played, never coached dude turns out to be useless Coach. Colour me surprised. :open_mouth:

Hopeless, and I called it from the start when I simply could not fathom people wanting him to Coach EFC.


That deal also got them a pick between 10-15 this year as well, depending on where Adelaide finish. People seemingly forget that too.

There is no way they should be rewarded with a compensation pick in the first round. End of first, maybe.

I like the idea of providing clubs with opportunities to list ready-made VFL/SANFL talent too


still… St Kilda has everyone covered. That really is stupidly bad. If they ever get termites their history will be wiped out.


Two in the last thirty years.


A very good mate of mine tells me half his footy club spent a big “saturday night” out with R Palmer, which ended up with a “aahhh brendon I can’t train I’m a bit sick” phone call, about half an hour into monday training.

Really added a lot of leadership and experience.


The AFL let Fark Carlton and Gold Coast do this last year. They will probably give them the chance to do the same again this year. Issue is this pool will be a lot more diluted after last year and the mid season draft.


Is that his Saturday night ended 30mins after training was meant to start on Monday? Fair session.


I know, it’s a self quote. However it saves me typing out exactly the same thing to describe my feelings:



With about 25 “drunk” blokes ■■■■■■■ themselves laughing in the background.

EDIT: sorry, no. That was not the end of the weekend.


Didnt fark Carlton abuse the pick by trading it to a S.A club?


The point is that they largely went to the draft and took younger re-tree guys, rather than getting in middle aged spuds.

Even the second hand players they did trade for are mostly all still young (say 20-22). Though basically none of those have worked out because SOS is fkn hopeless (and it was obviously a sh/t strategy).

He didn’t do what Carlton have done in the past which is to trade for middle aged rejects from other clubs. That was the point.

They have been bad in some games this year but have lost quite a few by less than two kicks I think. They could easily be three/four wins.


They traded their picks out which from memory, helped them with McGovern. I don’t mind that clubs choose to do that. The AFL should be allowed to help out struggling clubs to an extent. If clubs want to ■■■■ away their opportunity then that is on them to wear.


That point’s pretty meaningless when you are taking as many retreads as new players.


And they shouldn’t have done that, absolutely. To what extent you can blame Bolton for that I’m not sure though. At most clubs these days the coach has an input into those decisions but ultimately they are the responsibility of The List Manager (apologies, Plough)


I think it’s easiest to say the recruiting is up to the recruiter, for better or worse.


The Cloke principle could be in play here. Draft two ■■■■ kickers and get the decent third.


Hawks and GC.

If they went 50-50 in those games they’d still probably be bottom.


Hah - I was thinking of posting that exact thing last night!