Fark carlton


BTW, all those haters dreaming about Woosh getting the R’s need to look at how the FC players played against us, and compare that to how our guys play.

When/ If you see our boys with heads down not Giving AF like that, … that’s what it looks like when a Coach has lost them, and they don’t want him there anymore.

Latest word from inside the group is that our guys are the exact opposite of that. That the playing group know exactly what the plan is, see it panning out, and we have 100% buy in, … so keep on dreamin’.


They’d still be bottom, but I think Bolton would still have a job at this stage


If you were a new coach you probably wouldn’t want to be going to Blues without some kind of Roos/Goodwin handover.

Because they still have a 2-3 years of pain ahead of them with older players going / waiting for young players to be able to competently deliver onfield

And frankly Blues & the AFL for that matter probably can’t afford not to have that scenario with senior credible coach take over firstly

Would also help them attract players to club



I’ve raised this point a few times - what is the evidence Worsfold has lost the players?


If they beat the pies, he definitely would have his job still.

IF his job was on the line he shouldn’t have mothballed simpson, Thomas against us.

Its almost like the club forced SImpson to sit out and leaked thomas being boozy so they could sack him post game.
but they didnt need any reason really only win/loss ratio


That’s exactly it BD, … there is none.


I’m…kind of at a loss here.
Talk about damning with faint praise.

Isn’t that the players believe in the process the very least, I mean the very absolute least you can expect from a coach?
If he doesn’t have that then there’s no point even turning up, but that he does have it is…just not grounds for ending his tenure right this second and nothing more.

You compare him, laughably negatively, to a coach that just got sacked, has a far worse list, and had…is it an even record against Worsfold now?

And you point to Carlton players dropping their heads.
At 1-10.
We dropped our heads before the final siren of the first farking round!


Can we please save the Worsfold talk for the lid on thread and the match threads and the match review threads and the what’s wrong with the club thread and the TWO dedicated Worsfold threads?

This thread is about farking Carlton.

Fark Carlton.




What about the rain thread?

and Fark Carlton


Found this on Tanking Carlton.
They are grasping at straws.


Jesus and yet we don supporters are impatient, imagine barracking for st,Kilda ffs. 146 years for one flag


They would be on equal footing with Fitzroy had we not lost to them last year.


How would they have gone if the saga happened to them?



They would have just folded and buried the club across the road in the Melbourne Cemetary


Fitzpatrick would have buried it.


The stronger reason its just plain wrong is that they traded away their #1 pick. They shouldn’t be rewarded for thinking “Oh well, we can do this now and Gil will give us a sweetener anyway”


They are also wrong. Again.