Fark carlton


The priority pick at end of 1st round plus some prelisted mature age players i’m not against

They shouldn’t be able to trade those mature players however like they did last year


The idea of using the mature agers in trades to get better in players like McGovern was typically good in AFL theory. They just forgot one major thing - Fark Carlton’s list is run by SOS who couldn’t manage a shopping list if you wrote it in simple English for him.


what did carlton give up for McGovern?



Fair bit in hindsight


This was the McGovern trade:

“The Crows receive pick No. 13, a future fifth-round selection from Carlton and highly-rated Sturt forward Shane McAdam, who the Blues were able to claim as one of their mature-aged pre-draft access picks.

“Carlton gains McGovern and a future third-round selection from Adelaide, while Sydney receives selections No. 26 and 28 from the Blues as well as No. 40 from the Crows.”

So Fark Carlton gave up 2 second rounders, a future 5th rounder and access to a mature ager Shane McAdam to get McGovern.

Makes sense they gave up second round picks given SOS thinks the draft only consists of one round.


Did Silvagni know which McGovern he was buying?


Hahaha, beginning to think he’s been shafted


Another example of “teh kids” @SMJ


SOS’s recruiting is all about the first round or a name. The only other players he will look at have some sort of GWS connection. Any wonder he has farked Fark Carlton.


I could be reading this wrong, but if carlton hadn’t got McGovern, they would of had pick 13?

that’s insanity to do that deal from Carltons point of view


At the time I thought it was madness for a 3rd string forward who had a decent game once every 6. Can take a big grab and that’s about it. On huge money too if memory serves me correctly


When you look at it like that it’s a horrible trade thus far. Some decent types went around 13 in last year’s draft. I suspect they also had the issue of having to find someone to pay decent money to so they could meet the minimum salary cap requirements.


Could you please explain Albert_Thurgood. Would appreciate your knowledge on this. I remember someone posting on BB that if we would go that far back we would have more premierships than Fark Carlton.




Just fkn NO



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The issue is that a lot of the early premierships credited to Fark Carlton were before a formal competition existed. From below my understanding is that a formal and organised competiton started in the late 1870s.


Fair chance SOS tries to trade in Leon Cameron as coach given his List Management strategy.


These ■■■■■ have had enough good draft picks and they’re still a pile of ■■■■, give them access to some state league plodders. They don’t deserve any extra picks. They had pick 1 but decided to trade it. Bad luck you ■■■■■■■ dickheads


We beat them without Shiel too.