Fark carlton


Leon cameron seems to have got them going somewhere. And GWS only other coach was… looks like we’ll have a first rounder after all.


So if Scott left to coach Fark Carlton, he never really left.




This gif always cracks me up no matter the caption.


With a wife like that he is going to keep on spitting them out until they get a good one


That’ll teach them for '99

Brendon Bolton fell through the gap that formed on Carlton’s list

Sam Edmund , Herald Sun

June 4, 2019 6:36pm

The green shoots never sprouted

Brendon Bolton’s coaching epitaph at Carlton reads 16 wins from 77 games with only four victories from his last 43.

In Bolton’s three and a half years in charge, the list wasn’t just pruned, it was chainsawed.

The savage list cuts started when Bolton walked through the doors before the 2016 season and didn’t stop.

More than 50 players were moved on.

Fifteen went before his debut year, another dozen departed on the eve of his second season, 13 before his third and 12 more last summer.


In their place came a wave of teenage talent. Charlie Curnow, Jacob Weitering, Paddy Dow, Zac Fisher, Sam Walsh, Harry McKay, Sam Petrevski-Seton, Lochie O’Brien and Tom Williamson were among those to join Patrick Cripps and form the club’s next generation.

In all, there were nine first round draft picks under Bolton and as CEO Cain Liddle said, the landscaping has been done to reveal a bright future.

Charlie Curnow. Picture: Michael Klein

Jacob Weitering. Picture: Michael Klein

Yet the recycled players came in droves, too. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure was a philosophy the Blues adopted to buy time while the kids developed.

This was where things came unstuck for Bolton.

Consider some of the names. Daniel Gorringe, Liam Sumner, Billie Smedts, Rhys Palmer, Aaron Mullett, Cam O’Shea, Matt Shaw, Jed Lamb, Sam Kerridge, Tomas Bugg and on it goes.

With list manager Stephen Silvagni at the wheel, some 24 players were brought in from other clubs in Bolton’s time and while Caleb Marchbank and Lachie Plowman have proved worthy additions, this group has not been up to it.

It left a void the kids couldn’t fill and the gap between the promising youth and elder statesmen who couldn’t cut it was a sore that festered.

Bolton’s last game as coach came in charge of a side that contained 15 players with less than 60 games experience.

Too much was not only left to too few, but to too young.

This skewed list profile ensured Bolton departed with an ugly set of numbers.

This is a team that ranked 18th for points-for in 2017, 17th last year and sits 17th so far this season.

Liam Sumner. Picture: Colleen Petch

Sam Kerridge. Picture: Michael Klein

Disposal differential over the same period reads 16th, 17th and 18th.

Uncontested possession differential goes 17th, 17th and 18t and inside 50 differential is 16th, 17th and 17th.

Time in forward half rankings are 15th, 18th, 17th.

It’s ugly and it’s been ugly for a long time, which is why the club felt compelled to act.

President Mark LoGiudice and chief executive Cain Liddle yesterday insisted the plan had not changed.

The train left the station years ago. Now it needs a new driver.



IN: Jed Lamb (trade), Andrew Phillips (trade), Lachie Plowman (trade), Liam Sumner (trade), Sam Kerridge (trade), Daniel Gorringe (delisted free agent), Matthew Wright (delisted free agent), Jacob Weitering (pick 1), Harry McKay (pick 10), Charlie Curnow (pick 12), David Cuningham (pick 23), Jack Silvagni (pick 53), Andrew Galluci (rookie), Jesse Glass-McCasker (rookie), Matt Korcheck (international rookie)

OUT: Troy Menzel (trade), Chris Yarran (trade), Lachie Henderson (trade), Tom Bell (trade), Chris Judd (retired), Andrew Carrazzo (retired), David Ellard (retired), Matthew Watson, Robert Warnock, Cameron Giles, Nick Holman, Blaine Johnson, Bradley Walsh, Tom Fields, Fraser Russell


IN: Billie Smedts (trade), Caleb Marchbank (trade), Jarrod Pickett (trade), Rhys Palmer (trade), Sam Petrevski-Seton (pick 6), Zac Fisher (pick 27), Harrison Macreadie (pick 47), Cam Polson (pick 59), Tom Williamson (pick 61), Patrick Kerr (pick 65), Kym LeBois (rookie), Alex Silvagni (rookie)

OUT: Andrew Walker (retired), Michael Jamison (retired), Cameron Wood (retired), Zach Tuohy (trade), Matthew ■■■■, Jayden Foster, Clem Smith, Andrejs Everitt, Dillon Viojo-Rainbow, Jason Tutt, Mark Whiley, Andrew Galluci, Billy Gowers

Billie Smedts is playing for Leopold in the Geelong league this season. Picture: Mike Dugdale


IN: Matthew Lobbe (trade), Matt Kennedy (trade), Darcy Lang (trade), Aaron Mullett (trade), Paddy Dow (pick 3), Lochie O’Brien (pick 10), Tom de Koning (pick 30), Jarrod Garlett (pick 78), Cam O’Shea (pre-season draft), Matt Shaw (rookie), Cilliam McDaid (international rookie)

OUT: Dennis Armfield (retired), Daniel Gorringe (retired), Bryce Gibbs (trade), Matt Korcheck, Kristian Jaksch, Liam Sumner, Andrew Gallucci, Dylan Buckley, Ciaran Sheehan, Rhys Palmer, Blaine Boekhorst, Billie Smedts, Simon White


I N : Mitch McGovern (trade), Will Setterfield (trade), Nic Newman (trade), Alex Fasolo (trade), Sam Walsh (pick 1), Liam Stocker (pick 19), Finbar O’Dwyer (pick 66), Ben Silvagni (pick 70)

OUT: Alex Silvagni (retired), Cillian McDaid (retired), Aaron Mullett, Cam O’Shea, Matthew Shaw, Jesse Glass-McCasker, Matthew Wright, Ciaran Byrne, Sam Rowe, Jed Lamb, Nick Graham, Sam Kerridge


Essendon won three flags in the 1880s -the great days of “Marvellous Melbourne” when Melbourne was one of, if not the, richest city in the world. Then we won another four flags with those great sides 1891-1894 starring the best player of his generation, Albert Thurgood. We missed the flag in 1895 because he went to WA in 1895 where he also became a Legend of WA football. He came back to help us to win the 1901 flag. In between we won the inaugural VFL flag.

Edit: I see @redbull also provided info in answer to this question.


I mean, come on.

He literally resembles a potato.


It is fair to say that this thread has rocketed near the top of my fav threads. It has brought great jollity over the past couple of days. Funny that. :grin:


Thanks Albert_Thurgood. Still a little confusing as redbull’s list doesn’t show us winning flags in the 1880’s. If we won 3 flag in the 1880’s then we should be on 23 flags not 20 like they claim.


Oops I must have misremembered that. I didn’t check up on the record … I recalled Perce had posted on earlier flags for us but maybe misremembered that too.

Anyway, the most important point to remember is: Fark Carlton!


I am quite comfortable with the Carlton situation.

I feel they are tracking nicely.


Get the feeling that thanks to Sos et al for getting them in their predicament, that with an unproven Coach at the helm to boot, maybe they just could not attract any top end talent via FA to fill the gaps in the mature ranks as they needed to. (See Shiel for eg)

AFL likely has a plan now to embiggen Paul Roos’ (or similar’s) bank account 3 fold or so & parachute him in with a protege, along with some worthy older players that will come once they see someone they respect in charge.

Their cap will have mega room at seasons end I’m guessing?


PFFT! let em have it. if they’re that desperate for a few flags from back in the stone age, then theyre more pathetic than i thought…


That is the correct context for use of the word literally.



Lol. Marchbank and Plowman are spuds too. At the game I wondered who the hero giving it to our players at the start of the game was. Begley wasn’t even perturbed the the bloke. Looked him up and it was Caleb Marchbank 22. Since I now knew a Cartlon players number I watched him get flogged by every bomber player on him. He’s really good value.


Childhood mate of mine. Damn shame cos he was a farkn great talent and a good bloke. Got farked by FC


Every club will want to make deals with SOS before he is sacked.


Hope he’s doing ok now.