Fark carlton


These are magic beans…


Looked up the article and says the leadership group made the decision to sack him.

Leadership* group containing Fevola, Nick Stevens, Lance Whitman. Imagine having these liked pass judgement on your off field issues?


If Fark Carlton get a extra pick, then one would think the Suns get one too?

You can’t have one club doing responsible things while another trades away pick one and reward the one that took their future draft picks to the TAB for the day, and reward the one that went on the punt.


So a lazy alcoholic, gambling, serial adulterer, a wife beating, meth addicted jailbird and an intellectually challenged and brother threatening slob where in the leadership group at Carlton.

Tough crowd.



He likes to chip it around.


Apeeling features.


He’s cooked.


i’m not sure what craig starchevic has to do with this?


That is a long and mildly humorous bow to draw


crisp indeed


So he got delisted pretty quickly. What exactly was the gnocchi on him?


I think I know but I yam not telling.


I heard he liked to run around in the gnudi.


He wanted to become a You-tuber.


i think he wants to spend more time with his girlfriend, Desiree


You gotta think fast with that one


drive her around in a pontiac


But they’ll need to be careful they don’t drive off the road and end up in the Atlantic


and his favourite TV show …