Fark carlton


Personally I find all these puns are au so gratin’…


he’s just a chip of the old block


Agreed. Thank god for vodka.


I’ve really enjoyed this chat.


I thought it was:


I don’t think the article went back that far.


Come on guys. If you are going to turn this into a pun thread, the least you could do is add the occasional Fark carlton


I’ve just filed a suit against this thread for pun itive damages, … :roll_eyes:


Erm he’s a real spud




I think that was tied into the original observation.
Do you dig


Yeh I’m digging up what yer plantin


Some of you blokes are baked right now aren’t you?


I’d say most of them are fried


what is all this faffing about in this thread???



This bloke really has done a number on Fark Carlton



No need to roast them for it though I suppose.

Also - Fark Carlton


I want them to appoint Sam Mitchell as their next coach as this will give me one more reason to hate them.


Why are the Brisbane Bears and Brisbane Lions entered as separate teams? They should be combined.


Cos fitzroy coexisted with the bears.