Fark carlton


Then they could all be lumped together.


No. That’s why they can’t be lumped together. They were playing against each other.


That’s very good.


Perhaps that is explained in some missing footnotes, as there are a couple of asterisks on the chart.


It’s pretty obvious when you think about it

You could either lump FL in with BL, or BB in with BL. But either way would be harsh to the history of the other.
So the fairest way to treat it is as 3 separate entities.


here is where I got the charts from.

Those asterisks related to 1916, as below.

In the war-time season of 1916, only four teams (Carlton, Collingwood, Fitzroy and Richmond) competed. Fitzroy finished last after the home-and-away season with a record of 2–9–1 (10 pts), and Richmond finished third with a record of 5–7–0 (20 pts).

All four teams competed in the finals under the amended Argus system in place at the time. Richmond lost their Semi-Final and finished in overall last place as the lowest placed Semi-Final loser, while Fitzroy won their Semi-Final, the Final and the Grand Final to claim the premiership.

There is hence some uncertainty regarding which team should lay claim to the wooden spoon in that season; by analogy with the minor and major premierships, it could be said that Fitzroy won the “minor wooden spoon” and Richmond won the “major wooden spoon”.

The official AFL season guide recognises Richmond as the wooden spooners for the 1916 VFL season.


This one remains a classic.


The icing on the cake is the editing out of Buddha Hocking for dramatic effect.




Was Hibbo


Oh was it?

For some reason I thought it was Hocking.


That’s the correct way to do it.

And as for the history of premierships, the VFL was a breakaway competition so anything pre-1897 should be treated as such, part of the VFA.
In 1990, the competion was still the same, but just had a name change. That, like the Swans, should he treated as the one entity. So the stats should read VFL/AFL, not just AFL on their own.


Just count them as draws


The celebrations keep coming. Let’s take a moment tomorrow to remember the 146th anniversary of our club’s first ever match, a one goal win over the same team we played last week:

Thought to have formed in 1872, the club played its first recorded game on 7 June 1873 against a Carlton Second 20, winning 1 goal to nil.


Paul Roos was obviously the coach then?


Did anyone else notice at the hall of fame inductions Mick Malthouse looks a lot like Colonel Sanders?

Which is ironic, because his legacy will also be KFC…

Killing FARK Carlton.


Apprentice to Ross Lyon for their seconds. Fletch place kicked it from the centre, then bowed and doffed his cap to three rousing cheers. Serge’s great-grandfather claimed to have touched it on the line, and showed his bruised thumb. Turned out he had caught it on his lace-up guernsey instead.




Nearly the perfect post. Required one more FARK CARLTON at the end.


They’re still the Brisbane Bears.

Fitzroy has been dead for decades, except (arguably) at a lower level. Not sure if that Fitzroy has won any premierships that the AFL won’t count.