Fark carlton


And they want to count games where you played a 20-man team’s seconds as real history.

Obviously two reasons for this…Geelong pick up 7 flags and Gil gets to host the 150-year celebrations, which, based on the centenary in 1996, should be held this year.


Definitely the InHibberder.


I think there was one from a year or two earlier which was Hocking


There’s also that awesome one of Myers making Murphy cry


Yep. Just shrugs the tackle, looks around and Murphy is down for the count


The Hocking one is him running through some Kent at half-forward, low shot from the goals.

The Myers one is a failed tackle on him, and he glances down at the Fark Carltoner as if wondering if he’d stepped in some dogshit.

(I didn’t take 2000 words but the above is not quite gif-worthy.)


That’s a great one.

Collects the ball and player at the same time. From memory he either kicked a goal, or hit up a target inside 50.



Always time for more Heater. Plus purple and blue are similar.

image https://i.pinimg.com/originals/15/30/2c/15302c77a02a4561b90e3c4ad1fdaaa6.gif


image http://fat.gfycat.com/SkinnyHorribleGrayreefshark.gif


So you mean that wasn’t the Predator in that gif?


If they really wanted to throw the game against us last Sunday surely they’d have let Daisy play






who’s the ■■■■ pirouetting in the background





Lol. I bet it’s Gibbs


Looks like Sam Rowe


I love this one of Heater because it looks like he gets up quickly to say “who else would like some?”


I’d like to put out some love to Fark Carlton, because if it wasn’t for them being so crap, I would be far more depressed about our footy team.