Fark carlton


Good to see the new coach is fully understanding of the situation. :man_facepalming:


Head wobble won’t last long


I think Mick Malthouse would be a great long term coach for fark carlton.

I cant see them winning a game with Mick in charge.


More importantly what are your sauces thoughts?


Where was he looking before hand? At his feet?

And what does he actually mean? Was it; “wow, I’ve got these guys?” Or was it; “oh fark…I’ve got these guys”…?


Do we see a dead cat bounce for these farking mongs?


It all comes down to where you put the emphasis…


Not against Brisbane, I don’t think.
A different team might be a bit more complacent against them, but I don’t think Brisbane right at this moment is that team.


Good to see old mate has situational awareness.

The situation is that you have lost every game but 1 this year. The blokes listening to this address are thinking I don’t even know who the next coach is, it probably wont be this bloke…

If there over 27 and uncontracted beyond the end of the year: The new coach is probably going to want a rebuild I could be in trouble here, better ring my manager and start exploring my options…oh whats this bloke saying, oh he believes in me…OK great wheres my contract for next year.

If they are over 27 and contracted: Thank God I got a long term contract at this rabble…No one else would have taken me.

If they are under 27: Whats this bloke going on about? How many years are there left on my contract? I wonder if I can get a trade…


Oh ■■■■!!


Ha, they think they are on the right track.
Lock them in for bottom 2 again next year


Adelaide must be sh|tting themselves…



Sign Teague on a 10 year deal


A couple more wins this season and he might have a show for the next date with the executioner.

Caaarlton; the team where aspiring coaches go to die.


I’m glad we played them and beat them. And we are done with them for the year.



No desire to play them again, Doe? I’d definitely be keen for us to smash them again & watch Cripps go all uzi on Dylan Kryptonite Clarke.


Would get us another win and would be nice to smash them but it would just be a training run and doesn’t help us in preparing for better teams.


Beating Brisbane is no big deal. They were definitely over-rated. Maybe not any more, after 18th placed Carlton beat them


Hard to tell if you are serious?

Brisbane have won 7 of their 12 games and sit in 5th spot.

They have exceeded expectations so far.


We have more important challenges to meet and beat.