Fark carlton


Definitely a dead cat bounce. They will have a few wins before the years out. But fundamentally they are cooked for at least two years. The new coach will get no time to turn it around either.


Imagine if Cripps got injured.

They would be ■■■■■■,


Pickett has left the kents to return home to WA


Pickett was a double SOS special. Not only was he former GWS player but he was also first round pick. There was no way SOS was not getting him to Fark Calrton.


Which one is he? #21 or #33?


And Fark them he eventually did.

Well done Sos,… well done to all!!


SOS set to leave Carlton.




I know it’s disappointing, but his head had/has to be on the block as well.




21 is J Garlett
33 is/was Pickett

Pick 4

17 games in 4.5 years across 2 clubs

That’s pretty spectactular.


Unlucky for Blues this comes up just after the mid season draft also so can’t replace

They are seriously battling for small pressure fwds



Yep, that’s so bitterly disappointing…


So SOS drafted him in twice. Sent out Thouy and a future first rounder and brought in Marchbank and Pickett? Was there another pick swap that I’ve missed?
Seems an awful lot to give up


GWS will be shattered he is leaving FCFC. That has been very lucrative for them.


I thought SOS had at least 5 more years in his role. Tracking nicely.

Fark Carlton.


Your sauces have nailed it.

SOS is really good at farking Fark Calrton.


Not in any way unepected, but l am so disappoint. Like others l felt SoS had another five years left in him, he leaves the Blooos with the job only half done.

Walking of his own free will? Yeah, right. That is the best joke of the lot.


Christ almighty. If Fark Carlton can do this to the happiest guy in the world, what chance does anyone else have?


For the record I think it’s poor form that media outlets have jumped on this Bolton mental health issue and made it a story.

Fair enough if he comes out and discusses it but he hasn’t and it should remain a personal issue until otherwise.

The media lose all rights to mental health stories when they constantly badger players and coaches and print articles just for monetary gain.