Fark carlton


James Hird Mental health come on FArk Cartlon


I was so p’d off that they got up last week. They’ll probably win again this week playing Melbourne


I don’t understand this.
I understand hating Fark Carlton, but that win helps us. It was good that they won.

Plus they’re starting to think that sacking Bolton has solved all of their problems. How is that a bad thing?


This is what you don’t understand.

NOTHING that involves an FC win is good. Nothing.

What we want is for FC to lose every game.

Our destiny is controlled by us. If we are any good, we win and we move up the ladder. We should NOT depend on what other teams do.


But if we make finals on the back of FC’s win it’s going to be awesome letting FC fans know they helped us. Their saltiness will be delicious.


Unintentionally helping each other out. We get Bolton sacked, they beat Freo.


Not enough Fark Carlton for me


They’re 2-1 with a positive percentage under Teague.

Even though Blitz told me Bolton was doing a good job!!!


Bryce Gibbs’s travails in Adelaide are an example of why it’s often not a good idea to recruit players from rubbish clubs.

In the rubbish club, their mistakes aren’t the reason the team’s rubbish, it’s the fact that half the team are rubbish.

And you have to retrain them to be part of a team structure and to be accountable.


imagine what ratten could do with the list.


Dead cat bounce


FC heartbreak brings joy to my life.


Not at the age they got him, anyway. Might’ve been a different story if they got him at 25/26 ?


This meme just keeps giving.


Caleb Marchbank is set to miss the rest of the season due to a neck injury. He has to wear a neck brace and was very lucky not to end up paralyzed.

CARLTON defender Caleb Marchbank has been ruled out of the remainder of the 2019 season after suffering a neck injury in Sunday’s game against Melbourne.

The injury occurred late in the game when Marchbank received a knee to the head in a marking contest.

The 22-year-old reported being in pain and discomfort in the rooms after the game and was promptly sent for scans which confirmed a non-displaced fracture of a vertebrae, located at the base of the neck.

Marchbank met with a specialist on Monday and based on the advice received, the decision was made to sit out the remaining seven games of the season.

This will allow the fracture to heal naturally without the need for surgery.


Love how they’re going on about Carltons style of play and any coach would be privileged to take over such an exciting team.

This “oh shackles are off, insistinctive, care free game plan” has a use by date and gets completely swallowed up by opposition coaches not to mention reigned in by any current coach worth his salt.


It’s great that they are building up their future expectations once again. It will make inevitable fall back down to the their rightful spot at the foot of the table even greater to saviour.

Fark Carlton.


So Fark Carlton have apparently ruled David Teague out of their head coach list. We should seriously consider poaching him as a forwards coach.


So good seeing Judd put his foot in it.
Such a smug prick.
Even the FC supporters are turning on him.
Maybe he should have kept his Director training wheels on for a bit longer.
Wish he would ■■■■ off into oblivion with that narcissistic wife of his.