Fark carlton


Judd said that FCFC would only be looking at an experienced coach and not one with “training wheels” ie Teague. All other FCFC board members and staff queried have said that most definitely isn’t true and all options are still open. How would Teague be feeling after hearing that from Judd


Wasn’t he a defender?

I’m not sold on line coaches coaching positions that they didn’t actually play in. How can they truly understand all the nuances of playing in a certain position?

I know lots of clubs do this, but it still confuses me.


He’s a flog. They really need to clean out their boys club, just like we do.


if he was it doesent matter. hes the guy that had the Crows’ forward line firing on all cylinders for several years. hes a very good coach



Fark Carlton.


It’s such a stupid statement to make. Surely it would have been easier and less embarrassing to keep his silly mouth shut and allow the rest of the season to play out and to let the coaching deliberations occur professionally behind closed doors.


Is that the case though?
Nearly every Crows supporter I know reckon Teague was a dud and were glad to see the back of him


yeah but Crows supporters are… strange…


Carlton are a rabble at the moment, Judd really put his foot in it big time. Player development and recruiting is terrible.

Its delicious.


Speaking of Judd, does anyone have a link to the Judd fluff piece where I think BT interviewed him when all the FC players had to drink an unknown substance “like the East German swim team”?

A friend at work didn’t check out his spouse well enough as she supports FC.


May it long continue.


I don’t think your friend has quite grasped the meaning of “fark Carlton” as we tend to use it.


Surely he had suspicions when he opened the kitchen drawers.


Imagine he found something like this.


Liam jones gets a 3 year contract extension.
I assume sos signed off on this.



Liam Jones. another bog average player who fark carlton have spun as the messiah…


Amazing work by his agent


Terrific news!


3 years? You’re bullshitting surely. I mean, he seems to have been ok as a defender, so i’m not surprised he’s getting another year, but isn’t he about 30?