Fark the Bin Chickens. And the post they climbed up on. Team speculation here!

Can we start this one early? Please?

I hate them on a cellular level now. I never thought I could get near fark Carlton levels of pure revulsion. But I’m there. It’s evolved with every free kick, every on the siren stitch up, every snipe, every mention of blood spirit and every time I get the urge to hit that hippie former Captain Kirk in the face with a shovel.

Bunch of cheating, afl funded, insignificant, ar$ey, moddycodled onanistic love children that have no more right to be on gods green earth than a tape worm residing in a cows dirt box.

Rub that prick rampes moosh so far into the ground he can see where the team bus is. I honestly don’t know who else plays for them but I wish them pestilence and disease.

90 points. The game everyone looks back on and says I remember where I was that day or gee it was great being there I loved it when hooker ran off Franklin, took 2 bounces, ran back punched him in the ovaries, swivelled and kicked an inside out torp that Sydney’s entire backline touched which was allowed on review.

And Gerard Healey is forced to give his Brownlow to hird at the end.

Hey it could happen.


Swans have won 5 out their last 7.

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If we cant win by 100+ points I want it to be by 1 point, from the most dodgiest umpiring decision.


Going to be drinking warm water with honey and lemon all week to prep my throat for booing Rampe all game.


■■■■ of a bloke as well. I hope Smack takes a banger on him, whilst breaking his ribs in the process.


I want @Diggers crying next Saturday, like a toddler who’s just dropped their ice cream cone.

And Rampe can GAGF !



So many fkn pieces of ■■■■ on their list.


Chances of Stringer being available?

Longer break so you’d think Guelfi would be okay to play as well. Does he come straight back into the team?


No changes.

For mine.


How many wins were gifted to them by the maggots?

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And disease

In Clarke, Snell or Guelfi
Out: Belly, Begley

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Jordan Dawson had 28 possessions yesterday against GC with a disposal efficiency of +90%.

You’d want to hope J Dawson doesn’t repeat that this week.

Disposal efficiency. Not an Essington strong point.

Listen, I will still like you all (apart from the usual f-witted suspects) even if D Rampe does something dumb that should be penalised, but isn’t.

Still going?

Agree with the thesis of this thread. From the thread from the last time we played them:


He should be penalised for breathing

I won’t be farking the post. Rampe has already humped the life out of it and I’m not interested in going there. No thank you.

Home game at the MCG against an interstate opponent in the traditional timeslot. Early forecast is sunny and 17 degrees so perfect football weather.

Our last game at this time was the great win against Brisbane. The Swans will be a trickier proposition but will be without Franklin and now ruckman Callum Sinclair amongst others… which evens up our own personnel losses.

Swans last 8 games at the venue have gone L, L, W, W, L, L, W, W … so they’re due for another ‘L’.

I can see us entering the top 8 next week with a win… but the underwhelming prospect of a loss puts us right back in the pack around 12th. We owe them after the game earlier in the year to say the least.